MPD 2xx scales

I made 12 scales on my MPD 226. I think it work with the 3 new MPD. Just send it to hardware with MPD Editor in a free preset slot.

Load in 3 free slot and choose the preset you want, all pads from each bank is in the scale, starting from C1 bottom left.
I use it with digitakt but I think it work with every elektron gear with chromatic sound.

The scale are:
Major (bank A)
Minor (bank B)
Jazz Minor (bank C)
Harmonic Minor (bank D)

Pentatonic Major (bank A)
Pentatonic Minor (bank B)
Blues (bank C)
Algerian (bank D)

Chinese (bank A)
Japanese (bank B)
Egyptian (bank C)
Spanish Gypsy (bank D)

Here is the link to download (1 week) :

Hope this can help. Have fun.


That’s a great idea! I just started experimenting using the MPD with my Digitakt. Thanks for the upload!

While we’re at it: Do you also use the faders / encoders for live tweaking of parameters? If so: how are you working around the issue of jumping parameters?

I tried the encoders for tweaking but as you said there is a jump issue, also the values are rounded. I gave up for the moment. I only use the pads.
I didn’t want the encoders but the 226 is the smallest model with midi out.
Some usefull trick with faders is to use 2 of them sending on midi channel 9 to tune reverb decay and delay feedback, and 2 other on auto channel (I set 16) to reverb send and delay send.

Yup, using it for Delay & Reverb Tweaking / send levels seems to be the reasonable approach. I wish you could choose between midi jump and latch (not sure if those are the correct terms) on the DT.

Thanks I will try this out on my 232