MPC Live & MPC X

you COULD put the MPC Live into controller mode, and use the MPC software as plugin in Live to direct the midi signal (from USB to MPC software) to your drum racks in Ableton Live. Would that be an option for you?


Huh, didn’t know that was possible. Have you tried it?
Will check it out.

yes have done it/doing it.

You set up a midi track in Ableton and add the MPC plugin (software). Make sure that your MPC Live is connected to your laptop via USB and that you’ve switched it to controller mode. Open the plugin inside Live and set it to “Midi Control” Mode (click on the little triangle on top bar next to the Track Mute Icon and choose the Midi Control Mode there).

Now set up another midi track in Ableton and load the drum kit you want to use. Set the MIDI IN to “MPC Live (MPC Live Public)”, arm that MIDI track and voila, you’re good to go.

You may have to switch the pad bank to reach the midi notes that trigger your drum kit, usually Ableton’s drum racks sit on pad bank C. Alternatively, you can just change the notes that the MPC Live transmits on pad bank A in the MPC software (in the Midi control setting)…just pitch it up by I think two octaves and it should be a match :slight_smile:


Everything works as advertised! I used a stylus to draw the modulation performance. So much fun!!!


Today on the ableton beta.



What does this support involve?


can mpc live do chromatic time stretching? as in play a one shot chromatically without altering the speed? maschine cant do it without stretching and mapping each sample individually, bit long

Yea Similar issue with the MPC. You’ll have to do it in clip mode where you’ll assign the sample to each clip slot then alter it to your liking.

Yes it can be done by pressing the Warp option which also works for other modes other than clip mode…


That’s great!!! That’s in program mode with 16 levels set to tune? It’s not possible in key group program.

You can both make use of warping globally of a program by turning the tempo of a sequence up or down w/o affecting pitch, or you can do it per pad in 16 levels tuning by playing pitched pad sounds without altering tempo. Massive experimentation potential :slight_smile:

Edit: and the shitty warp algorithm kinda makes it sound like s950 fuckery.


Unfortunately not in keygroups, it would be great though…

Yep i was talking about drum programs…

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I didn’t realize it could be done in program mode. I’ll definitely be exploring that! The MPC Live is such a deep instrument, I haven’t even got to time stretching yet, I use it as a midi sequencer and drum machine. The MPC can be much more than that, this box can be a loop mangler and audio recorder!


it’s a Linux ARM computer with a fancy MIDI controller wrapped around it. I wish Akai hadn’t cheaped out so much on the hardware SoC but oh well. Now they can sell us a more powerful one later, I guess :woman_shrugging: But that’s probably why real-time warp is so bad, offline is better. It’s something like a quad core 1.8GHz ARM CPU with 2GB of RAM running an embedded Linux OS. From the article I read, the 16GB onboard storage, 10GB of which is taken up by The Vault 2.0, is on a 16GB micro sd card, so in theory it could be replaced if one was willing to take the thing apart to get to it.

Anyone using MPC Live / X with Bitwig? How are you integrating with your setup?

Really liking the Live since the latest update. Not just the CC and parameter automation, but the OS seems more solid


How long did it take you to feel good and grasp the MPC live workflow? There’s so much there that it’s overwhelming. Part of me is wanting to keep it cause it’s so powerful and the potential is massive, but I can’t seem to grasp it, there’s so much to remember.

How much experience do you have with this kind of gear though?

I mean, it only took me a couple weeks to get to grips with the MPC workflow, and most of that time was spent just getting to know Akai’s terminology and learning the basic road map: i.e. things like how Sample Edit and Program Edit correlate, what parameters are available in the various Views and Modes, the differences between Programs, the odd ambiguous icon, etc. Once I had that much in perspective, I was away to the races.

That said, my experience with this kind of tech is vast, so I know more or less what I might expect. On the other hand, if this is your first sampler/drum machine or your first foray into music tech, it would almost certainly be overwhelming.