MPC Live & MPC X


Beautiful words :clap::clap::clap:… but asking for improve/resolve issues that should not be here since day one but after 2 years is still there is demanding too much?

Something like this

Me prefer this way too… I know what a product can do and i buy it. In the retraction time delay i try to see if’s my thing. If’s not, i sent it back and save my money with no hard feelings and peace and love

I remember when i bought the Toraiz SP16. 1600€ and some days later, sent it back. Still now i think is overpriced, very limited and undelivered and sent it back was the right decision


Word… I tried to make it clear it wasn’t a personal reply, not even really about MPC, I just get triggered by things and go into my philosophical gear buying rants… :grin:



I have an SD card in the Live that i can’t access in either browser or save mode. It was correctly formatted & in the browser/Save menu appears under ‘Internal’ with the name i gave it (MPC Samples)

I simply cannot select it, or in fact change it from ‘Internal’ to anything else shown.

I’m able to switch from 'Places / Content / Expansions, and select any of the options. In any other screen or menu i’m able to select whatever i choose, So there’s not a problem with touch screen.

I had access to the SD card previously, but not since updating to OS 2.5 & activating Splice (Splice account now deleted)

I’ve also tried different SD cards, but the problem persists.

Any help would be appreciated.



Tried contacting Akai support?

Can you downgrade your OS to 2.4 and check if it works in the old version?

I’ve read about new issues creeping in after the 2.5… could be related


I’ve sent Akai a message.

Not holding my breath though, as Akai support have been pretty non communicative with questions and issues i’ve had.

I’ve posted on Mpc User forums too. Not holding out much hope there either.

I’ll change the OS and see what happens. I’ll report back at some point.

Thank you!


Try on gearslutz in this post

Someone’s here from akai, xparis001, could help you


Will do. Thanks

I reinstalled OS 2.4 and it made no difference.

Now back on 2.5 and still have the issue.

I’ll give Gearslutz a go.

Thanks again.


Is it possible that your SD card corrupted somehow? Have you tried with another card? Does your computer read the card OK?


Do it. Is the only place akai take care about their reputation… even better than their own forum. Strange but it is what it is


Yes i’ve tried a different SD card & my computer can read both of them.


Are you resetting your MPC after each update?That’s a standard procedure…


I didn’t know that. I’ve never seen it mentioned & the MPC doesn’t prompt you to do that after an update.

But I’ve just reset it, & still no change.


Someone on Gearslutz has the same issue. They can’t access any ext drives.


Yes i know that but anytime there’s an issue after an update every time AKAI support prompts you to do a reset…That’s why i do it anyway after each update to save me from frustration…
Anyway your issue seems it needs AKAI support to chime in…


For the MPC Live users here:
I’m thinking of getting one, as a one stop unit for making complete tracks. Here’s what I want it to do really well, for me to consider it:

Record longer takes from my synths, and by longer I mean minutes and minutes. The eight audio track limit is no problem, as long as those eight tracks can be of substantial length.

Be able to sequence these synth sections by midi, to get them right. Then record that midi sequence as audio. Case in point - playing my Yamaha Reface for say, three minutes, into the MPC Live midi sequencer? Then, hone and adjust that sequence to get it just right, and then record that section from the Reface audio outputs into the Live.

Create drum beats like it was a Tempest. Meaning - jam, record, rehears, record again, sequencer running all the time (so much fun on the Tempest).

I got no MPC experience, unless some of its workflow DNA is in the Tempest sequencer. I love the recording workflow of the Tempest.

What’s the flow like, once you get into it? I had a Deluge. Even when I knew how to work it, it was still awkward. I have a Tempest. Nothing awkward about it at all. Fingers just fly. So that’s where I’m at.

Thanks for sharing any and all advise you have on this.


At the minute, the audio tracks all have to be loaded in memory. No disk streaming. Best I can manage, is 3 stereo stems for a 7-ish minute track.

We’re hoping for disk streaming, but no sign of it yet.


Ok, thx. Went ahead and got one. I’m all new to the MPC workflow, but so far, it makes sense. A bit refreshing, actually. Been in 64-step land so long, I forgot there’s a world outside.


2GB of RAM, tho. Does feel plenty for a lad who’s managed on a Model:Samples for some time now.


I’m only working with an MPC500 right now but the MPC way is an almost perfect complement to the Elektron way.


If it’s any encouragement, both myself and Yorgos are long-time Tempest users, now working in part on the MPC Live…

I personally have found it to be a very intuitive box with a well-designed interface and workflow. Yorgos and I have been online colleagues for many years now, since the early days of the Tempest’s development, and he certainly spoke highly of the MPC Live when he first got his, and recommended it to me several times in the many gear-related conversations we’ve had since.

To put it in perspective, as of a month ago, I was not at all familiar with the MPC workflow, yet I still managed to prep it for tour in a matter of weeks, and successfully perform with it live. So, ya… I dare say I’m an MPC guy now. I’m even considering purchasing an MPC X for the studio.