MPC Live & MPC X


Yes, true. And on occasion, I do that with other gear. However, as much as I don’t like mixing and matching odd cables and adaptors, more than anything, I try to avoid discrepancies in my gain structure wherever possible. Much like a studio, the signal flow in my live rig (which is where I spend most of my time) is pretty much immaculate: i.e. almost everything is +4db line level on balanced connections; and anything that isn’t, is on an insert or parallel effects loop.

I do wish the MPC Live had a dedicated insert point for patching external FX. That would make using the 404 a no-brainer for sure. I still think the 404 is a useful tool for sampling though; it’s just frustrating in the context of a larger setup, due to the lack of connectivity, both audio and MIDI.



Ahh okay. In that case you need a line level shifter. Use a Lake People SYM-AMP myself, they sometimes pop up on ebay for quite a reasonable price. Using it in my setup for going from rytm mk I indiout into balnced XLR (line level)

I also recall many studios over here having Aphex line level shifters. And ebtech makes one too IIRC


well, that was helpful, thanks!


anything i sequence from mpclive and plug into it’s input, produce huge latency, so it’s unusable.


@tsutek Nice! An mpc3000 or an sp1200 would be cool indeed if I had the money / space / gears to process it… But I have a Volca Sample already loaded with pitched up samples ready for some pitched down crunchyness and resampling! I’ve also read that the mpc has gained some pretty good fx since last updates.

@JohntheSavage I’ve never been too fond of the sp effects. The hands on tweakability is indeed nice but the effects themselves… meh. Which ones do you especially like? And what do you think about mpc last update with all the new fx?

Regarding the sample / soundlock, I think I can live without since an mpc can handle a lot more samples than a DT at once. The plocks, I’m still pondering how I would replace them…


Well, as previously stated, I’ve only had my MPC for a few weeks; during which time I’ve been mostly sampling and building programs for an upcoming tour, so I’ve yet to take the MPC’s onboard FX to task in any critical way. However, at a glance, and from what I’ve heard thus far, they seem to be usable, and they do cover most of what the 404 has to offer in that respect. However, I’m partial to the B-side, “character” type FX on the 404 that I’ve yet to find alternatives for in the hardware domain: i.e. Noise Gen, Vinyl Sim, Radio Tuning, etc.

For that matter, the Voice Trans, C. Canceler, Subsonic, and at least one of those (admittedly bizarre) pitch algorithms, though somewhat less useful, are also unique to the 404, love 'em or hate 'em. Never mind that several of the more common FX, like the Overdrive, Bitcrusher, Isolator, and what have you, are comparable to what you’d find on any other box, only you’ve got them all under one roof with dedicated knobs to turn.

Again, to each their own. We like what we like. I’m just saying…

For the record, I think you’d probably get along just fine without the 404; especially since you don’t seem to be a fan of its FX anyway. But again, I can’t speak for you there.

As for p-locks, you can record automation for some parameters on the MPC Live, but other than that, ya… Elektron!



Thanks for sharing all that, mate!


I’m sort of in the same boat. I was torn between the Live and DT when they both came out. I don’t plan on getting rid of the DT, but the Live is on my radar again.

I’m not really playing out these day, so, for now, I’m not sure that the MPC would bring much to the table. I just added an Arturia BSP (already had a Keystep) and am starting to mess around with NI Komplete and Logic. I had an MPC1K for years so I’m hoping I can do a few MPC-type things with the BSP and Logic that I can’t do with the DT. I figure if I can scratch the itch it will save me a grand.

I’m honestly loving a hybrid setup at the moment. If I was planning on playing out, it would be a different story though.

It helps that I had to get a good computer for work, so it was easy to justify a powerful (and aesthetically pleasing) computer.


i have this MPC Live for some weeks now
it’s wonderful!

BUT… Song Transition?

There is a looper, I can even say the loop length…
it this possible for song transition, like with the OT?


There is a looper, and you can resample the main outputs with it IIRC. Problem is, you cannot have the audio continue to play from previous sequence to the next one.

Akai force can play clips from every row in the matrix, so with the force you don’t need to use a looping transition trick. Let’s hope the clip matrix paradigm comes to the MPC boxes in MPC 3.0. The clip matrix paradigm is much more flexible than the oldschool single pattern/sequence paradigm, so I’m pretty sure it will become the SOP going forward.


Thanks, i think i Will buy a korg kp3 for this


That’d be your best bet for now as MPC 3.0 might still be a long time coming.

By the way, are you experienced with the Kaoss pads? I’ve been looking at them for some time now but have hard time understanding which Kaoss Pad would be a best fit for me. All this distinction between KP3+, mini Kaoss Pad, Kaossilator, Kaoss Pad quad etc confuse the hell out of me :nyan: Some claim to be synths, some samplers, all have some fx but they differ between every model etc…


I only knop kp3. Its good for live looping
Fx are disappointing but Some are acceptable


2.5 is out now. Just bugfixes and the new splice integration. They did fix that annoying air channelstrip default compressor setting though, which admittedly made zero sense to begin with as a default setting.


Splice integration actually sounds amazing. I had a trial and was using it to get certain drum sounds or synth hits into my digitakt. To have that instant into a standalone sampler is great imo


Their head’s growing and they keep the same old bad attitudes. Instead of put the energy on real improvements, they give us bloatware!
splice… puff


If splice is what keeps the lights on then so be it.

I like using mpc studio black over using my maschine nowadays. Mpc 2.x may not be the prettiest but writing drum loops on it gets more creative for me. Plus I can make a 4/4 sequence then a 6/8 sequence. Song mode is nice to have too


still can’t send samples from my laptop via wi-fi to to god knows what location in that blackbox the MPC filesystem is.
HiHat trills though bro’ !

agree with @v00d00ppl though, if t keeps the lights on… I don’t have to use this


yes you can, but you will need a splice account? I thought you can upload samples and projects into splice? If not thats lame


i wear tinfoil under my hat and oppose cloud services :alien: … usb cables ain’t that bad