MPC Live & MPC X




Sidechain is a very reasonable request. The MPC has multiple compressors in it already and considering that fact it is strange that it wasn’t there from the beginning, as its a pretty common feature of software compressors.

nonetheless what a great update. The synths sound great and are very versatile. MPC live is definitely worth its bang-for-buck. Although the fact they did not fully flesh out the midi side of things is kind of annoying considering how powerful and robust the sequencer and song mode are.


This guy gets it…


Sidechain’s pretty standard for house and techno these days. Akai appears to have the tech to do it. But until then, super fun box


aw’right - lets get sidechain AND multi timbral midi then - shallwe ?


So I am going to test sampling ez drummer to a key group program tomorrow, that’s a work around for that.
And people on GS said they managed to load midi files as their own arp patterns. Don’t know how, not got that far into it.


that’s a good idea! lemme know who you go…
curious about that pattern ‘hack’ now - it would be the closest replacement to OT’s ‘plays free’ and that a huge thing for my workflow.


I do not mean that you should give up on the sidechain… but while we wait for it, “improvise, adapt, overcome”? If sidechain is that crucial to your style, that is…


IIUC you can now save any single track from any sequence as a pattern from the pencil menus in the main?

Someone also just dumped some .mid files into the pattern folder on their MPC and they supposedly work (files need to be numbered somehow?)


Can anyone show me where the MPC live tracks are on youtube?? They all seem to be little demos of the features. Wheras all the Elektrons have loads of completed tracks uploaded. I have seen hardly any completed tracks. Especially Ambient/industrial/cinematic. It makes me wonder if people struggle to make a decent track on thes things. I know it has song mode as is easy workflow, but why such little output on youtube?


Not on Youtube, but I play Industrial dub/noise and these are 2 tracks made entirely on the MPC Live.


Thanks. They sound really great. Really earthy and gritty!. Im thinking of getting one as a great Rompler now it has the auto sample where i can build a library of instruments and ditch a lot of hardware. Is this good?


Ive been autosampling my hardware all day yesterday to see what settings work best. So far its really easy to get great sounding keygroups out of it. Even with note stride set to 6 (sampling every 6th note)
The loop and xfade setting are a bit trial and error though.
Has anyone figured out if its possible to adjust the loop setting afterwards on 1 sample and apply those settings to all samples? Dont want to adjust each sample individually, when sampling every note :slight_smile:
What worked for me was:
-Note stride 1 or 3 (so the loop points overlap when playing chords and you always have all octaves c sampled)
-Note lenght 3000 or 4000 note, tail 200 ( ofcourse adjust adsr on source)
-xfade 3000 to 9000 equal power.
Maybe this helps someone


I’ll be honest- I’ve been considering acquiring an MPC Live for the past month(for percussive playing, arranging, and it’s battery power ability- in addition to being able to take all my samples from mars stuff with me)

This update seems so functional and more alluring and I’m pretty cemented in getting a Live when the time/finances are right.

I wonder how simple it would be to change a built in Plug-In to a Midi/Autosample track- if I wanted to use the built in instruments for sketching

Edit: AutoSample on the MD? Boom- drum kit done. Does the MPC algorithms give an implied velocity when playing? That would be a cool addition to the MD sounds


Same thing for me in one of my projects…I had to free up some space in order to load it…


No Disk streaming yet…Fingers crossed will make it to the next update along with Multi midi mode,side chain and quality FX like stereo Reverb,Multiband Comp,gate,Limiter etc.
If all of that can make it then we’re talking about a 1 machine show :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ah and while you’re at it automation lanes in standalone will look tasty!


So I multi sampled a drum kit today. 4 velocity layers etc.
Saved all the samples and made a drum program out of them.
Not too keen on how it turned out but for a first try it was ok. Besides I don’t plan on using the mpc for those kinds of drums. EZ drummer and NI drum libraries are too good for that.
But it worked.


Would be huge if they figure out how to do disk streaming…nice that they’re making huge strides in other areas though


I’ll probably use the layers to fake program changes rather than mimicking drummers dynamics - that quick first attempt I took involved a lot of manual sample assignments. Might even have to read the manual! =)
Thanks for reporting back!


i think i figured out my ram problems - it’s all because of effects. turned out, they eat up quite a lot of memory, though not every one.
did a test with tape delay - loaded 16 of them to empty project (4pads x 4inserts), it showed up 25% on ram meter…
and if i try to load 2 xyfx - it’s about 11%…
guess it was less on previous firmwares, but on 2.3 we have it this way… i told to dan about it, hope it would be resolved…