MPC Live & MPC X


I too feel like it would have been nice to get the existing functionality polished before adding new stuff… But it is what it is. I’m sure the bean counters at Akai thought the 2.3 additions would bring more new users to the standalones than pleasing existing customers… But at least we got MODE + pad and crossfade loops, so I am still hopeful that all the requested enhancements to existing stuff will also follow eventually.


Once it has proper midi CC / param automation support I’ll buy it (again)


yeah, also arp - it was hugely requested. as well as fx presets.
i dunno, i have the feeling that they listen to existing customers


Have this feeling too but don’t wanna wait like… forever

I think this is more a marketing stuff, than proving that they hear their customers and early adopters! They now that other groove boxes with synths were getting more sales and attention.
The MPC Live is a interesting concept but until now it doesn’t work well ass they sell it.
Is true it getting better update after update… but i don’t think is fair to wait years to delivery what you already sell. If you buy something and after

I think that Muti Timbral, Side Chain, Glide/Legato, Automation are the top of the requests.

If you follow inmusicbrands, maybe you’ll remember when they put out the new MPC’s, some time after, they updated the price (200€+) more than the announced selling price because they’ve thinking that the new MPC’s will be the tool to get for music production sttuf and some time later, they drop the price (-200€) to the announced selling price.
Now they drop the price of Prime line dj products to up to 50%.
I think if the things works as they want they never drop the prices like this. Maybe if they hear better their customers and early adopters everybody will be happy.

I think you should never promise something that you don’t know if you can deliver. It’s not cool saying that something is a planned feature just to make people’s keeping faith in something that we don’t know when it could come!
Things like this could be… tragic (Mr. Omar on Everybody Hates Chris)

Please dont get me wrong. I’ve to say thanks and i’m happy with this update. I’m happy Menu+Pad, 3 Plugin Instruments, Auto Sampler, Realtime Crossfade, Arpeggiator and Phrase Looper is sad that Muti Timbral, Glide/Legato, Automation, Side Chain, the top of the requests, the “disk streaming” for the live set purposes, akai’s promise, didn’t get a chance.
Be always grateful but i’m still hungry!


MPC Live update is looking and feeling pretty nice.


Are you talking about Overbridge!!!


Does anyone have a PDF of the latest MPC Live manual?



Ok guys, here it is… The new 2.3 update has really made the Mpc the real deal… Well kind of… My Mpc has grown up quite a bit with this update. But how could they forget side chain compression??? I’m stupefied! Beware guys, I’m not sure what these devs are doing…


Why is sidechain such a big deal?
Does everyone try and sound like daft punk or something?
It’s a mixing thing do it afterwards. Or do like most other groove boxes that claim hey do side chain and use an lfo


Have they implemented disk streaming yet? So far, this machine looks so much more useful to me than my Octatrack, especially with the addition of the arp and synths, plus the seemingly endless patterns (unless I’m incorrect about that). I do occasionally use my OT as a DJ rig for playing long stereo files and I’d love to be able to stream them from the SSD I’d install instead of loading them into RAM.


Exactly. And cmon, making sidechain happen with the aid of an external compressor, not really that hard or even prohibitively expensive.


Or your computer or an iPad app…

But I’d still like a better reverb and clip mode.


Some of you guys seem so eager to give up features… I guess everyone’s different…


Not giving up features, I still want Akai to come through with multi timbral. Disk streaming would be cool but not a show stopper for me.
But clip mode? Couldn’t care less
Side chain? Pfft, I got amazing uad compressors.
Reverb? I have pedals and plugins that will always be better, don’t care.
At some point there’s limits to all in one imo. I like the synths, but prefer my own synths, and like auto sample better than having built in synths.
Just me I guess.


Side chain has never been a feature, how are we giving up on anything?


^all of this!


some cool stuff in there though… split events is kinda cool. baffling though that you can’t access it from the pattern editor (in which you’d need to select the note to split)… the user has to return to main view and go from there
arp not being available for drum tracks is an odd submission, no custom patterns it seems… and overall, it seems a bit half assed on fist glance.
i guess marketing forced them to do something bold and adding synths certainly ticks that box - and mind you… the electro piano synth sounds pretty sweet to my ears. couldn’t care less about the VA’s but that’s because i have way too many synths in the first place - so this is huge add on for any user…
as long as they’re not resting on their laurels now and the only purpose of this was so they can sell AIR instrument expansions now. certainly good to see that AKAI is still at it


How much space it taken up by the sampling keygroup? Is there a maximum limit.


you can drive the length etc… you can even get settings that trigger RAM warnings… but with an empty project you’d be able to fill the entire ram with one program - but the user can define and cap it. have yet to do more than mere testing though