MPC Live & MPC X


Play it safe and be prepared to be underwhelmed! I’m sure it’ll be a good update though. Having owned a Live previously I’m interested to see what’s new


I don’t mind mousing around. The only thing I wish they update on the studio software is remember my track preferences for the next sequence. if sequence 1 has track 1 with drum programs and track 2 with a VST instruments sequence 2 should remember this.

Instead what happens is on sequence 2 which is blank I have to make track 1 a drum program track and track 2 the VSTi track manually over again.

Nice to have is PDC also, but I can always bounce my stems to ableton or cubase.


cant you just duplicate the sequence and record your pattern over it? havent had a live for a while but thats how it is on my 1k


That’s the way to go with mpc. Copy last sequence to create a new one that way they all add from each other and stay relatively clean.


On the studio it tries to remember your last used instrument first whether it’s VSTi or drum program.

I think on the 1K if you make sequence 1 with drums on trk1 and midi for modules it makes the next sequence you want to start fresh with the same settings. It’s not a show stopper though.

You’re right I could make a blank sequence with the track configs I want, copy, then paste.


this from sweetwater teaser, some new menus.
right one looks like synth to me (also because of keyboard below)


I’d be amazed if they put a synth engine in the current hardware. Does look like filter and envelope settings though.

My guess, fuller/fancier integration with their keyboards along with some new and improved FX/filters. Amongst other things of course.


Not me. They did that already in the mpc 5000 with a 20 voices virtual analog.


And it actually sounded quite good.


A synth of sorts has been a big request for the new MPC’s. Wouldn’t seem much of a stretch for me to see it introduced in some update.

If it indeed is a synth, I hope it has some sort of FM as well… I’ve more than enough subtractive synth voices already at my disposal :nyan:

But! If there are new menus now, that will throw my muscle memory off. AGAIN. They’d better introduce those MENU + Pad shortcuts soon!




Yeah, I appreciate that they put the miniak VA engine into the 5000 but having used the Live I have little faith that it could handle this sort of thing without compromise/issues.

I’ve owned a miniak too. Lovely synth actually. I just doubt the hardware could do it justice. A Live 2 on the other hand…


You mean in terms of cpu power ?


I think the CPU is there, easily. You couldn’t exactly have 4 x 128 effects per drum program on the MPC5000 now could you? A miniak engine would have no probs


Akai Dan already said on the gearsluts forum they don’t have the code for the MPC5K synth anymore, which is a shame, as it was the same as the Miniak.


That is quite disappointing to hear!


On the other hand, the AIR virtual instruments that come with the current MPCs are quite good (though I haven’t used that much because the MPC software hurts my eyes) so IF there is a synth, it might be good


I was actually a little surprised they didn’t shoehorn one of the AIR synths on release.

I remember pre release feeling that Akai were almost deliberately focussing on 3rd party instruments not being supported on hardware to the point that it built up an expectation that a 1st party synth would run on the thing.

A decent synth would quite possibly tempt me back to the Live though. I’m sure loads has changed since I sold mine over a year ago.


That’s so stupid from them…


sheesh, Akai is drumming up hype for 2.3 like its going to be second coming of christ… Now someone rumouring about plugins on GS? Need to buy some more popcorn!

This is starting to sound like Akai is not going to give us what we’ve asked, but instead has something new coming to the table… tablesalts at the ready!