MPC Live & MPC X


I don’t really like it for the reason you mention, if I need to record clip launches for them to work as intended, then I can just use pads in a drum group and enter triggers in my sequence, I’m not likely to change tempo mid song, but I’m likely to launch some clips then change program and play some other sounds, which I can’t…
Plus I think clips can only loop for 4 bars (not 100% sure, not at home now), which might not work for some.
At the moment clips feel like an afterthought, added just to click a marketing box.

On the other hand, when you look at clips, they work in the same way as other modes, for example if you are in next sequence mode, queue up a sequence change and move to mute mode, boom sequence change is gone, so it feels like more than an issue with clip mode is an overall issue with the Live architecture.

I hope Akai will do some updates and get this up to its potential, but Akai is not Elektron so I hope NI will release a standalone Machine…


I have the same combo, wish there was a way on the DT to sample and instant playback after recording like on the OT.


nah, they can loop for infinity. i turn off any quantizing and warping, and make a really long sequence - works nice with ambient field recordings and pad sounds


No, and I requested this feature multiple times to Akai and their beta-testers. Holding a pad to loop is the only way and sucks. A trick I do is loop a sample in the sequencer and I play the pads over, but its much convenient to just hit the pad and go.


Can this be done on the Digitakt?


Digitakt also, you have to hold the trigger but you gotta set the Loop on. In a sequence it loops, but if you were doing improv work without it, you would have to hold it or play it as one-shot and repeat the parts manually.


So excited that i need to spam it also here…:smiley:

I just received a phone call from the shop where i pre-ordered from (NL)…they received my X…and will send it out today.
So i received my tracking code…looks like it will be in tomorrow…dayum…


Let us know how you feel about the X when you’ve settled down with it! That X must be sweeeet


Had enough time to check my X in the studio today…really loving it sofar.

Build quality is really good regarding the casing (metal), knobs, pads and data dial.
Sometimes i get confused regarding the many buttons you can select from…but slowly this is growing on me.

Sound is also really crisp and clean with a quite hot output.

Still so much to find and try…only negative i can find at the moment is why it needed to take so long to release it in Europe.

Not dissapointed…!


this ‘warp’ function in clip program is shitty :confused:
setting main tempo to 127, loading 127 loop with ‘warp’ on, - sounds a bit off, like milliseconds slower or faster than it should be. with ‘warp’ off - it sounds ok.
kinda ruins all this realtime stretch purpose :frowning:
and it happens only with ‘mpc’ audio warp algo, if i choose other algorithm in preferences, it sounds ok. but i guess, there’s no elastique algo in standalone, right?


If you believe this to be a bug, send feedback to Akai please (the smiley icon in the MPC software)


yeah, i did that, hope they’ll do something


Just a lil heads up, if you’re wondering where is the definitive tutorials etc for live & X, well the wait is over:

out now


Had spotted this. Have you checked it out?

One thing I loved about Maschine when I got it was NIs excellent short tutorial videos. While they were free, if these MPC tutorials are similar then will be worth the money. I learned heaps through those NI vids.


So far Akai has failed quite badly at tutorials (or marketing support in general).

I checked the table of content and I guess I’ll be buying that tutorial later today, will report back around the weekend.


Agreed. Was quite surprised they didn’t follow the NI route (not that they have followed the initial Maschine tutorials for Jam and things mind you).

Actually quite surprised in general with the apathetic vibes from Akai on this one. Perhaps I’m not tuned in to their social media feeds but there does feel to be a sort of “it’s out the door, forget about it” vibe. It doesn’t bother me, my Live works grand, but you would’ve thought Akai would’ve ridden the crest of this wave for some time.


All I know is that MPCtutor (the author of this bible) has been an MPC instructor for a very long time and he really knows his stuff.


MacProVideo has a basic beginner video series on mpc live by booker edwards one of the beta testers and Logic Pro trainers. It is really good. The macProVideo also has the rytm and digitakt series too.


I’m doing the same with mpc live and rytm Mki.


Just seen a bit of info at the mpc forums about people starting to hack them. If that’s the case the live and x are in an infancy of what they will eventually be able to do. I never used the akai os much after I found the Jjos os systems, makes them a completely different beast. Used it on all the mpc I have owned over the years. This could bring a lot of the elektron functions over to them if they wanted, plus more. If anyone is the least bit interested keep a watch out for how this develops.