MPC Live & MPC X

Oh man. It’s gonna be a tough call to choose between this and the Toraiz. If this thing can layer samples and do polyphony. Then I suppose it’s gonna be this with some OT control.

That rechargeable battery is a pretty fantastic decision! Might be enough to to get me to sell the OP-1 AND the AR. Portability AND deep boomy percussion. Yes please!

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It’s looking good for sure, I don’t think the Toraiz is even an option now, not as it is at least. The Deluge will suffer too I reckon.

Should be 4 layers with round robin option and velocity switch obviously, I’ve not had time to read the QuickStart guide yet…

I really hope Akai smash this thing out of the park for a grand slam. I’m waiting at 3rd base with my wallet!


I don’t know. The step sequencer and 2 extra outs look pretty good to me, also the loading from flash card is a pretty cool touch. Granted if the MPC Live can sample longer in addition to the previous MPC features that would would certainly give it a leg up.

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NVM, I looked at it again. And if it IS, in fact, rechargable battery powered then I’ve just GASed myself right up on this thing.

I think to get an idea of the step sequencer you should check the mpc touch videos, there is a 16 step sequencer on the touch screen that you can quickly tweak all sorts of stuff with just a few swipes, i think i saw a piano roll before too. It was pretty neat when it launched last year but i didnt need yet another midi groovebox, this standalone with computer integration has my attention though.

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Wait there’s Yamaha RS7808 coming !!! nope kidding !!!


I’m fish eyes and tongue outside in front of this specifications… that’s insane. 16GB onboard storage (10gb of sound included that i will backup and erase as fast as switch on the first time) 2GB of RAM Sampling man !!!
SD Card and SSD connector…

i’m wondering if it’s not a hoax know to kidding about akai slaved to the computer since years

Or MPC TOUCH is a flop in sales and they need to get back on the market by recycling all the TOUCH in another way


I’m interested. I keep wanting things to be more like an MPC. They’re great for chopping samples. Being able to adjust the starting points of samples with precision is good start.

Bluetooth and WIFI :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ion lithium rechargeable battery.


I have no idea HOW you guys find your information, but God bless y’all for it

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@Ryan that’s @Callofthevoid : CESAR on that… i just follow what guys wrote on MPC forum posted by Callofthevoid

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There’s no app for that on appstore and they did a great job @Callofthevoid :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never really paid any attention to the Mpc Touch but I dig the aesthetic from what I’ve seen now. Looks kinda military rubber vibe casing and pads lit only around the sides. Subtle. Push 2 literally lights up my entire room at night :confused:

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LED are powerful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind concern for our OCD-close æsthetics !


Sequencing on only 16 pads? What do tou mean?

AFAIK, all MPCs have always had pad banks (4-6 of them), so you certainly have more than 16 pads. Furthermore, you usually have loads and loads of tracks, each with their own pads/banks (unless you deliberately load the same sound program into the track). Then there’s the support for ext. footswitches, also a staple feature on almost every MPC, allowing looper style recording/overdubs of MIDI sequencing while you just play the sounds with a MIDI keyboard etc. You can record both the sampler or ext MIDI devices this way. To this day I haven’t found a more elegant hardware workflow. Maybe something like a circlon also does this, never used one?

And this is routine stuff for almost every MPC model out there. So it is looking good right now. Hell you can even dump MIDI sysex into some MPC sequencers and it will play it out nice and easy upon playback :diddly:

btw, AFAIR the MPC live is the smaller model. Also another standalone MPC has been rumoured, named “legacy”. I guess that one is the ren looking model we’ve seen earlier at the microsoft presentation some years back? They’re going to show it off by NAMM2017.

The live will run linux, a quadcore 1.6GHz cpu. Rumours pointing towards a > 1000 $ pricepoint.


Do you have link on MPC Legacy ?
By the way the size and spec is ok to me… with that MPC Live :stuck_out_tongue:

No, just read some rumours about it on GS and mpc forums

Sorry about gushing like this but I am very hyped about these news!

Been hoping for a new standalone MPC for so long now as I’ve always loved the workflow but felt that the featureset otherwise has been long in the tooth (as in, having to stop playback for most operations, lack of good round robin, all the stuff that we take for granted with modern DAWs)

Agree on the live form factor, fits into the backpack unlike a ren-sized monster


i prefer for Live act… for studio the good monster is ok…