Mp3 players in 2019

My phone has a ridiculous USB port instead of a headphone jack, and that USB port has stopped accepting headphones - probably because its also the charging port and over used.

Anyway, as its my primary way of listening to music on the go, I’d like to replace that function and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a reasonably priced mp3 player.

I don’t have iTunes so grabbing an old ipod is out the question.


bluetooth headphones?


No bluetooth on your phone?

I use a set of Bose QC 35 II over-the-ear bluetooth cans with my phone. While I’m not a fan of Bose speakers I find the headphones excellent and the ANC is effective without being obtrusive. Also, they can be used wired (and with ANC off) with your computer / mixer and sound just fine.

If you have to get an mp3 player, there are lots of late-model Sony ones on the second hand market and the last time I used one it sounded pretty good.

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I’ve tried and the quality isn’t there. Also the drain on my battery is a joke. Yay two year contracts…

Thanks. Over the ear wouldn’t be great unfortunately as I like to listen in bed at night

I’ll take a look at some old Sonys though.

Sounds bad. Out of curiosity, assuming you bought the phone new, how long have you used the device before you noted this issue ?

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Happened about six months into my (2 year) contract.
Phone company weren’t interested as I hadn’t taken their insurance policy when I signed up and the phone manufacturer themselves said they’d replace, at the full cost of a new phone!

Won’t be going the Google pixel route again

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Sigh. I feel for you, mate, would’ve got me crazy mad to spend good money for it and see it end up like that, I applaud your calm :slight_smile:

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Life is too short and memory too cheap to listen to compressed music.

Do they still make Fiio?

I love mine. When im working on tracks and bouncing to kisten to iver and over, they are 24bit WAV and none of that icky compression.

With memory cheap and available, there are no other reasons to listen to compressed music unless youre streaming.

Yes: Im old.
And yes: get off my lawn. :wink:


Let’s see your 320 Vs FLAC ABX results old man :stuck_out_tongue:


I got a Fiio M3 a couple years ago, never looked back. Fits in the palm of your hand, bout 24 hours battery life, SD card drag & drop upload, WAV and FLAC support. I’ve dropped it, kicked it (accidentally), there’s mud IN the casing, still works with barely a complaint. I payed about £50.

Looks like the model I got has been superceded by the M3K.

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Sony still makes the Walkman…
I got one because I was sick of iTunes and it does the job.
It does have a proprietary charging cable though :roll_eyes:

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I dont 320.
Fiio plays FLAC

If the phone is not damaged, your phone company should be able to process a manufacturer warranty replacement if this is a defect that happened within the 1st year. That’s how the company I work for does it. We don’t charge unless the headphone jack is not working due to damage. That’s messed up if they don’t work with you on it.

Also, Google needs to make better phones. I’ve processed many warranty replacements on them. They’re just in their infancy on the hardware side.

As far as mp3 players go, I use to have this cool little sandisk mp3 player that could hold about 1000 songs. Maybe Sandisk still makes something like that.

Found one! This is newer than what I had.


Yeah man I tried all that with them, and they weren’t having any of it. They had admitted the phone model was faulty in other areas as well, but wouldn’t budge on this issue.

I’ll check the sandisk ones, cheers!

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I had an iBasso D50 which sounded great, but eventually ceased working fully. I’d recommend those if you don’t mind a slightly awkward interface.

I upgraded to a Pioneer XDP-300R which is a decent bit of kit and still going strong. They do a more recent, smaller screened version I think. Quite spenny though.

I’ve always hankered after something Astell & Kern… :drooling_face: But damn, they’re pricey.

I’ve been all about high quality audio and FLACs etc. But if that doesn’t matter too much, it might be worth looking at a headphone amplifier for your phone?

FWIW, I’ve been using Sony Xperia phones for a few years - proper headphone port etc. I have a feeling they’re phasing them out now too though! :see_no_evil:

I haven’t seen an Xperia in a few years. Best android phone with a traditional headphone jack is a Samsung Galaxy series imho.

using Fiio X1 player since 2015. any phones i know even don’t come close.
when i’ll need upgrade, will buy X3 instead of X1, because it has Line Out, so can also be used as USB audio interface with laptop.

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just putting this out there…


You don’t need itunes to manage an ipod’s library.

Edit: just want to add (seems relevant), that the trick to using itunes smoothly is: (1) find an older version and never never ever never update, (2) break it’s internal connection to the itunes store and preferably the internet in general, (3) turn off automatic sync (4) manage devices manually.

Been doing this for the past few years and it’s working beautifully.