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Is there a way to move to the next pattern without actually paying attention to which pattern/bank I am currently on and then figuring out which button combination I need to hit?
I find it extremely annoying to go through the process of “I’m at C03, so I need to press the C button and 4 button, and oh, be sure that the bank is correctly set”…

Thank y’all!

Well, your current bank is lit, you press it and immediately see which pattern you’re on. No need to remember anything and what’s following. Unless I’m not following

One option - set it up in songmode with infinite loops on each step, then manually step through that way.

But yea - its not hard to tell which pattern you are in.

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Thanks for the fast replies guys.

I know its easy to tell which pattern I’m currently at but it still takes more “brain power” to go through the process of “Oh, I’m at pattern C04, then I need to press the C button together with the 5 button” and 30 seconds later do the same with the 6th button, etc.

With that said, I have played with song mode for the first time last night and fell in love with it - thanks! Not only does it allow me to simply press Down and then Yes without thinking about what I’m doing at all to move to the next pattern, but for patterns I want to only play N repetitions off, I no longer need to give it any thought at all. Lovely <3

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Can do that with midi too.

Yea - once you pop yer song mode cherry it really opens the machine up.

Wonderful feature.

hi guys,… i dislike the song mode, because the lack of screen estate is the reason … was happy to find out I can change patterns via midi message through octatrack …

should also work with a keyboard +midi out … note c1 for pattern c1 then press another key on keyboard maybe d1 for pattern c2 …

I am actually working on a MIDI controller to connect to my MD that would allow me to hit a single button to queue up the next pattern.
It also includes 16 buttons for toggling mutes, and 2 pots per part so provide quick access to 2 selected part parameters per pattern.
Here’s a picture of the work-in-progress for whoever’s interested:
This will be open-source, so happy to share if anyone is interested. Currently the hardware ± works and am waiting for my first attempt of an Acrylic case. Should arrive next week :slight_smile:

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Works by SysEx?

I would be pleased to hear more about the project. Please post details in a dedicated thread!

+1 I would be interested in this if you offered it in kit form.

sweet project! !

Thanks! :joy:

More details on the controller here: Custom DIY Machinedrum controller - "MuteBox"

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