Movie recommendations

Still can’t figure out how the heck they get to write down such a masterpiece


I watched Samurai Cop awhile back and it is soooooo good! They have a sequel with the 2 original main characters. Here’s one you may have missed.


yea its a classic innit :smile:

oh man I wanna see hobo. :cowboy_hat_face:

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RIP Rutger Hauer. Loved him in Blade Runner, but one of my all time favorites with him was Blind Fury.

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Best film ever made.

Second best film ever made.

Fucking Goodfellas

Probably my favourite Miike film.


I was just about to watch Rainy Dog last night. I’ll have to check it out. Goodfellas is soooooo good. My dad is Italian so I grew up on all the mobster flicks.

One of my faves. Fury Road was dope too.


It’s excellent, a really good, surrealist take on the Lone wolf and cub trope.

I could watch Goodfellas every day and not get bored of it, it’s just so massive.

I prefer Mad Max to all the sequels (although fury road is excellent).

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I love the original Mad Max, but the post apocalyptic turn that Road Warrior took got me hooked. I remember watching it as a kid and all the junked out muscle cars was a sight to behold. I like how the Interceptor was a character itself. And cant forget his doggo too.


Still think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is up there, maybe my favorite movie. Amazing sound track, awesome practical effects, great story, great cinematography. It all adds up to be more than the some of its parts. It is sort of a comfort movie for me but also every time I watch it I feel like I am rediscovering how amazing it is.


I have yet to watch ‘Come and See’ because I read they used real rounds and basically gave the child actor PTSD to the point where his hair went grey. At 13. I usually enjoy war films, and will probably watch it eventually, but I just don’t think I can watch a child undergo that type of thing right now.

Etre et Avoir (To Be and To Have) is a gentle, inspiring portrait of a teacher. Timeless.


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El topo. Absolutely amazing and a soundtrack that inspired my music making for years. His other movies are good too (Most of them) but this is my personal favorite of his.
And if there’s anyone alive who hasn’t seen blade runner you’d better watch it.

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I could list a hundred or more :slight_smile:

There’s a few people are less likely to have seen though. The Korean ones are absolutely amazing.

Also, The Chaser, the trailer is terrible though, it’s being remade by “the team that made the departed” atm. Amazing film. The Night Of was a mini HBO series written by one of the writers of Schindlers List and the main writer from The Wire.


Agreed! My wife and I watched the entire work of Richard Linklater in chronological order last year.

I’m not a big fan of cinema, but I do love classic surrealist films like “The Saragossa Manuscript” (1965) and “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968).


First time I heard Autechre. Awesome soundtrack. A few others I’ve liked recently and not so recently:


Stumbled upon this masterpiece.


Great recs. I’ve seen primer probably a dozen times and still barely understand it. Enemy is amazing, closest thing to Mulholland Dr. I think ever released (so dreamy). I watched the wailing last october, SUPERB horror


Considering your avatar is from the movie, you must like it

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