Move Up to AR MKII from Digitakt?

Try connecting the DT midi lfos to control Rytm performance macros :wink:


I recently got a Rytm MK2 in a trade and been finding it hard to take the time to learn how to use it and I keep thinking about moving back down to a Digitakt. Mostly because I’m lazy and already know how to navigate the DT, but I also miss the compact size.

Question to those who have an AR, does the samples also get choked on the corresponding tracks or if you don’t use the synths it’s still an 8 track sampler?

There are 12 tracks but only 8 voices. 4 of the tracks can be choked by it’s neighbour

Thanks! I’d be nice if the choked tracks worked without being choked if you don’t use the analog synths, even if they use the same circuit.

I love my DT much more than my Rytm
because the rytm is brain-heavy
making music and thinking / menu-diving kills my flow
many options creates a lot of thinking, I don;t know where to go with my music anyway, so why to think? I think enough during my day, in the evening I prefer not to think anyway especially not when making music.
So the DT is my ultimate sketch pad, little fun groovebox.
I would love to see more A4 style sound in a digibox
because also my A4 is way too much brain-heavy.
we’ll see :slight_smile:

When reading all reactions on this, many people prefer Rytm over DT, because of options, deepness, etc. For me this is definitely NOT the case!


Looking at the videos it looks like AR is much easier to use. It has more complexity due to synth/sampler functionality but is it much harder to use than DT? Also I like the whole performance part of it which DT’s control all is better perhaps.

Do you use the AR Song mode at all? I find with DT with the 64 steps it can be limiting plus all the pattern chaining which can’t be saved annoying.

I completely agree. It’s really not the upgrade that you’d expect. More of a lateral move honestly.

Their sounds are different enough that half of the time I prefer the digitakt’s granular crunchiness to the color of the rytm. The send effects on the digitakt are also much much better.

But most of all, imho, the digitakt is the superior sampler/groovebox. The extra parameters and the resolution of those parameters make a dramatic difference in workflow.

The Rytm is an aggressive machine with lots of opportunities for distortion and waveshaping throughout it’s signal path due to how much analog gainstaging is going on, which makes it harder to work subtly.

It’s Compressor has fixed attack and release times, no visual feedback, less ratios, no sweepable sidechain filter, and no option for the individual tracks as a sidechain source.

This all ends up having a big effect on how much control you have at the end of the signal path. You can of course work around that with slide trigs and the FX track, but it’s a pain.

A lot of the issues with the comparison of the two really just come down to the quirky behavior of the Analog circuitry on the Rytm, which despite what anyone tells you, can be as much a pain in the a** as it is a treat!


Song mode is something I rarely use, but it is nice. I assume it would essentially replace the pattern chaining for you, but would be something you could save. I tend to build single patterns with tons of tasteful step probability and different track lengths. When switching between different song sections, I like to use Direct Jump mode so that I can instantly go to the pattern I want.

I thought I was moving from DT to rytm, but I kept both.
I like making beats on the rytm a lot.
The velocity sensitive pads and the distortion/compressor allow me to make really organic, dynamic and meaty/crunchy beats that I couldn’t do with the DT.
I like mixing and jamming a lot more on the DT tho. More streamlined, less volume options easier saving structure.
The DT is more portable too.

They are both great :slight_smile:


Keep the 2 - you need more than each can offer alone.


Obviously there is a lot more you can do with AR if you want.

Practically though, you can operate it almost exactly like the DT, then dig into the deeper stuff as/when you need.

The layout feels a bit different (selecting patterns/banks or FX etc) and you do have to pay attention to gain staging and saving kits, but functionally it’s all directly transferable

So I pulled the trigger and got myself one. Going to keep the DT for a while to see if I really need so many Elektron boxes with Models and OT in tow! Although the MPC with the recent firmware update is awesome, I find it so mechanical. I love it too, but it doesn’t spark creativity as much as the Elektrons IMHO.


When you open yourself up to the combined world of Elektron and Akai devices, rather than comparing them, the world seems a whole lot rosier. :sunglasses:

Congrats on the ARmk2 too! :partying_face:

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It really isn’t a comparison. I’ll keep the MPC - it is an awesome device and 2.10 really swats the competition away. They both do have their own strengths but for an organic and visceral composition tool, the Elektrons are definitely better at it. A pain to learn, but I can understand better now how rewarding it is.

Anyone new to the Elektron world, I highly recommend their Models series to start with. It isn’t just a “cheap” version but rather a trojan horse to their world. It helped me understand their workflow and thinking. On its own it is still very powerful, and lessens your frustrations learning the Elektron way.

I know ARmk2 is a 4-year old product but Elektron is also one of those classic synth makers and I like that. They continue to support their machines through software upgrades and even their legacy machines are highly sought after. Can’t wait to get to know my ARmk2, and a huge thank you to all for participating in this discourse on the merits of owning one (or not).

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The AR is great fun. You can keep tweaking and tweaking and end up with a sound that’s outside of your imagination. Recently, I’ve been hitting the random button and tweaking the result into something musical. The possibilities feel endless.

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There’s a random mode? How is that done? :smiley:

Here you go:


Hold down any parameter page and press [YES].

You’ll want to randomise the machines, that’s a given. But then randomise the filter, amp, FX and so forth. The results will always be unexpected and sometimes inspiring. You’ll never run out of ideas.