MOTU discovery app issue


love my MOTUs…been recommending them forever. but I’ve come up on two issues

  • 1 random disconnects from my computer. [sometimes causes my machine to restart [this is new]]
  • 2 Discovery, refresh issues.

I want to ask about no.2 because 1 is just pissing me off…and ive been dealing with MOTU and others with no luck.

the discovery app, tho an awesome tool, is useless in that…

  • its slow as fuck
  • half the time the mixer page won’t load, or only one part of the mixer will display…like the HPF only :confused:
  • the levels don’t show incoming audio. its passing through, but the graphics just don’t update.

to me, those three issues render it useless. anyone else having similar issues?
I’m using OSX Mojave, Safari. is this a browser issue?

I LOVE MOTU…but im this close to jumping ship.

  • UA
  • Apogee



i just got an 8a and I have had issues if i connect as an interface and try to use discovery via a browser on the same computer.

I use an iPad for discovery and connect the 8a to a cheap router and have not had any problems since.


:frowning: im anti ipad. It really should werk on the computer. My box is juiced, and discovery is just a mess.

Fuck. I guess im s.o.l.


I think if you just connect it to wi-if with an Ethernet bridge or connect it to a router it will work fine. If discovery doesn’t send you to the IP address of the box you just need to figure out what it is and use it in place of localhost or whatever they use when it tries to connect to the web UI via USB.




I dont use or do not like to use an ipad.
I hate touching a screen. Knobs over a mouse, mouse over a screen.
As a said, you would think the proc power of a computer could handle the mixer UI. Frustrating.

@Prinzabu ya considering RME as well. UA will prob be the go to if i cant get the MOTU werking. Bumming me out. Really like their stuff :frowning:


I’m saying open up the UI on the computer you have been using but connect over the network for the web GUI and just use USB for the audio interface. Connecting over the network has eliminated issues I had (audio turning off completely, UI not rendering fully, etc.). Connecting over the WiFi the experience is super smooth (really great display of levels updating across all active channels, etc.)


I think #2 is related to #1

We’ve PM’d a lot about this. But I never shared my conclusion.

I think it’s either you have had bad luck with both your MOTU’s, or there is a power issue in your system, or your iMac has port connectivity issues (could also be related to power issues).

Buy a UA or RME, or anything else, and if it has issues you’ll know it isn’t the MOTU.

And others should know that I say this as a happy MOTU customer with zero issues on an older 2012 iMac.
(UL MK4 USB 2.0)


Thanks AJ

I am as well. Thats why im doing my best to try to get this sorted. MOTU diehrad over here.

And yes i i can attest that adamjay is super pro MOTU. Hes been quite helpful. Thanks again.


I think that the impasse you are at now is, sadly, to try something else out to rule out an issue with the MOTU interfaces, since everything else you’ve described leads me to think it could be your iMac.

Is there a place nearby you can rent a Thunderbolt audio interface? Or a place you can buy from with a good return policy
Maybe even a Focusrite Clarett 8pre would tell you what’s up and not cost too much.

In the end it’s bad news either way, I’m afraid. Either your MOTUs are fine and your iMac isn’t, or you can keep the MOTUs but have to get a different computer.


I wouldnt be surprised if it was the computer.

I was checking specs of a new one…the imacs are actually lower spec than my current. And, tho amazing, an imac pro is out of the question right now.


Ive never had a mac that crashed. And in the last teo months ive had several crashes…but three that are concerning. Black screen with what i think was a yield sign with an exclamation point in it and a message about the crash in several languages.
A full no hands shutdown and restart.
Not terribly happy at the moment.


What you describe is a kernel panic. No good, and hardware related.

Yea, until they update the iMacs, the i7 Mac Mini with a 4K LG Display is a much better buy.


Yeah I’m pretty disappointed that it isn’t “plug-n-play” like they say, but I needed something that is Mac and PC. I’m also using it as a mixer 9/10 times and not ever sending anything to the computer so fiddling a bit when I need to get it running on my MacBook or desktop is something I’m willing to deal with for the audio quality and size.

I had an 828mkii back in the day and had endless problems with it maintaining stability on PC. I’d say my 8a is actually more reliable on my PC than my Mac. I think MOTU drivers have generally been pretty shit.


It’s a good thing we have so many options.

I was on the fence, about to go with a Refurbished Clarett 4pre USB when a good deal on the UL MK4 popped up. At the same time the 4pre went out of stock.
I really just wanted a lower latency interface than my Duet 2 and USB had come a long way in a few years.
Had it not been for that deal, i’d probably not even own the MOTU. I’m glad mine is working without issue.


Ive never had a single issue woth MOTU. I was still using my ultralite mk1 until last year when i got the avb and 8a. I still use it for a euro interface for blocks. (With the last couple mods i have left :frowning: )

And this is also a first fir macs for me. Every mac ive had was solid.

Tuff times


Ya the MOTU is sick in that respect. Ive get 1.9ms lat.
the crashes, however, introduce huge lat when it happens.

I was reading this…

It was making me wonder if…there are some apps on my comp that are 32bit. Mac is abandonning 32bit. And some software throw up unsupported messages. But still werk. Talked to one guy that said it should not affect anything…but…could it?

And what the easiest way to go thru all my apos and see which are 64 and which are 32.

That poc in the article is the screen i get from time to time. (Not a yield sign, but a power button in the back).