Most challenging thing to grasp?

Yeah, if I had to pick one serious thing this is also it for me.

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… that it took me so long to check it out and then immediacy realising on day one it’s my favourite synth …


In what order i should add the DN next to the DT in terms of audio routing and the usage/sacrificing midi tracks on both machines.

When I connect all three of them, I do like this:

So just skip the Syntakt in the middle and you’ll be great.


right now it has been getting the bloody Shuttle Control module to send MIDI over USB to my Elektron devices and update the firmware! Updating firmware on modules is a nightmare process.

For me, the Digitone was the first instrument I picked up that didn’t have keys or strings attached. So I’d say just general sequencing and the Elektron workflow were the most challenging things. Apart from that, the DN has enough features (such as transpose and trig layering) that I feel I can do pretty much anything I want on it. The four track limitation is actually a benefit for my creative process.

I don’t feel the same way about the Digitakt currently. The hardest thing for me on the DT is leads and melodies. I’m find the 2 octave upward pitch shifting to be a major limitation (not in a good way). I’m just so used to being able to set the root pitch to whatever I want! Maybe I just need to find more single cycle waveforms =P