Most challenging thing to grasp?

What was the most challenging thing to grasp with the Digitone when you picked it up?

The sound, hence I’ve sold it.


What was it that you didn’t grasp with the sound?

thing that took me longest was getting used to colored mute buttons.

4 different colors of mute buttons, that are semi transparent.
4 different light states that shine through them.
so each button has unique tint (muted T1 visually looks very different from muted T2 for example) depending on the state, and it was hard to gather a mental image of what color means what.

i still get confused, having to stop and think about what state button is in, before making inputs.

considering getting black track buttons, but original ones are very pretty :roll_eyes:


3 months in with a DNK, and the most challenging thing is the interconnectedness of sound design. To be clear, I love this quality, too, but it’s been a challenge to embrace.

It’s easy to make a fat subtractive-style patch or a glassy FM sound, but it’s taken me some time to incorporate both methods into a voice I like. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and reach for more of everything at once. Usually ends up sounding a mess :sweat_smile:
Whereas making nuanced, specific adjustments leads to some otherworldly gorgeous and nasty sounds, and it took some time for me to find what I liked to reach for.

Setting up a good starting sound and p-locking the hell out of those more intense timbral modifiers like algorithm, LFO parameters, ratios and so on is just perfect to me.

Cooking analogies feel a little trite, but it really is appropriate on the DNK. With such a lovely collection of aromatics and seasonings, it’s easy to make something inedible. But judicious application yields delicious results.

Also salt :salt:
You need more salt than you think


Agreed. It’s almost as if they thought of the most cryptic way of doing it and went with that.

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getting it to work with overbridge and firmware update. I had to use my Windows PC to do this as no matter what I tried on the new Macbook Pro with Mac OS Sierra 12.2.1, it would not recognize my Elektron devices. So back goes the new Macbook Pro it cannot use devices in my studio no matter what dongles I use and back to using Windows PC in my studio workflow. Sad because I like macs but new ones suck for compatible with hardware and devices!

Works fine for me on 12.6 with a Satechi hub.

well I tried using Apple USB-C to USB adapter and did not work. Will ugrade the OS to latest version before returning for a refund!

A couple of thoughts,

  1. Is the device in the correct USB-connection state? (Cog Wheel -> System -> USB Config)

  2. On some cases (with Arturia gear) my midi machines have registered strangely with MacOS, especially when using a usb-hub.
    To fix this on your computer. Go to Applications > Utilities and open “Audio MIDI Setup”.
    In the menu bar under “Window” you use “Show Midi Studio”. Check if your Elektron Gear is visible there. Then select it and delete it. Then reconnect your devices. Cross fingers it might work.

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in this analogy what is salt to you?

for me it’s saturation :smiling_imp:

It’s working fairly well now that I upgraded the os from 12.2.1 to Ventura Mac OS 13. Funny the hardware shows as manufactured in 2021 but Costco sold as new computer in new packaging.

Ngl I was mostly poking fun at myself and the silly analogy there :grin: but if I had to pick? Probably more modulation by envelopes and LFOs

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Weird that a new Mac would ship with Sierra, theres been at least 5 new OS’s since Sierra (released 2016). This issue will almost certainly be resolved by updating the OS.

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agree well I bought it this week from Costco and it may be new old stock hence the $400 discount but shipped as new with 3 year Apple Care warranty in box. Anyways glad the OS upgrade solved my connection issues.

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I ordered replacement OT FUNC + T1-4 buttons from Elektron, cost about $30 with shipping. I’m assuming the FUNC button will fit, maybe should have checked beforehand. Anyway, hoping that will help some, but the lights may still be an issue.

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yeah ive seen pictures of DNs with all black buttons, even the trigs (from DNK)
not an expensive fix, but something keeps me from swapping them out.
perhaps i dont want to scare away Elektron from using colors in the future, no one knows :tongue:

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I’ll also admit that I wanted the DN to fit in better aesthetically with the OT and A4.

But yes, maybe for the sake of color usage in their future products I should keep my mouth shut. :speak_no_evil:

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I remember grasping fm synthesis sound design to be the most challenging. I mostly just dialed in tweaks from presets.

Nothing really difficult to understand, but even after a year or so I find it absolutely counter-intuitive how they linked B1/B2 operators.

Edit: Specifically… I’m always failing to turn the right knob when changing one or the other, e.g. while setting Ratio Offsets.

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