Most analog sounding analog synth

Wondering what was your most analog sounding analog synthesiser. What I mean is “when you hear how electricity flows out of speakers”, when you can feel the sound with your body, most alive and pleasant experience…

In my case it is BugBrand modular system- the designer of it is truly a genius IMHO, the tone is so sweet and alive. Just a simple vco thru lpf sounds like music.

Vintage MS-20, there’s still something about this vintage synth which gives me shivers. Bass and presence… the filter!!! Unfortunately modern reissues lack this 1% or 10% of magic.

Vintage 303 and Re303 thru distortion on big PA.

What’s yours holy grain of analog synths? Do tell!

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For vintage I would say the Roland SH-5. For modern it’s the Dreadbox Erebus for me.

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electro-fautus ef-101 as I perform here:

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There is one machine which I haven’t heard personally but I’m sure it offers all the best analog qualities


Sh5 should be really great… Alien technology : )

I still remember and miss Sh2 which I sold to get Dreadbox Medusa and some other stuff. Unfortunately Meduse has absolutely opposite character- modern, cold and rough… still like it for what it is, but…

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ive found some pretty sincere moments with the Monologue


Doesn’t get much more analogue than an EMS. Played with VCS3 at uni and it was alive!


Another vintage MS20 owner here.

Definitely has the magic.

Also my old SH101. The sub osc is one of the best sounds.


Yeah, should be really special!

That’s what I mean, there’s of course iVCS which has lovely options and sound, modern Erica remake and maybe a Behr clone on the way, but I doubt the will deliver same insane experience as og Synthi.

Really love to listen Synthi solo sets just because of that - the tone is so full and strong!

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Werkstatt for me


Ms20 and Minimoog


MFB Dominion 1 oscillator buzz blows me away everytime.


Oh! And the little Pittsburg SV1. That thing is VOLTAGE.

Almost forgot I had that little box.


Interesting!) Especially when ms20 owner say so!
Need to check it!

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On my side i’d say it’s my Serge modular, a Mantra panel from Random Source, completly raw and alive. Not “big” sounding tho, even tho it can be done.

Some recent stuff I did with it:

It’s doing the sound you can hear almost solo at 2:53 in this track as well, wich is probaly one of my favorite sound I ever recorded hahaha


Of the synths I’ve played, my Dreadbox Lil Erebus feels the most analog to me. That may be partially placebo as I built it with my dad… though it does really feels alive.

Volca Keys also feels very analog to me.

I recorded this recently. I love how raw and emotional the keys can sound.


Arp 2600 is a strong contender for me. A friend of mine had one and I totally fell in love with it.

I’ll also echo the vintage MS20. There really is something special that the reissues I’ve played don’t quite capture. It might just be age degradation.

And although not a synth, playing spring reverbs, bbd’s, and tape delays in feedback loops in a mixer is beautiful in a similar way.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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