Moss Baker's Place For Freshly Made Tunes

As I just made my first release on Spotify and such places, I figured I could make one here as well, since I’m on here every day? Starting with the latest!

It’s a 3-track single (it’s not an EP if under 4 track, I did not know this before!), all tracks are different takes on the same idea.
The same 4 chords - with some minor variations and voicings - throughout the 3 tracks.

Gear I used for this was basically my whole setup, so:
Electric Guitar
Electric Bass
Prophet 08 - Pads
Sub 37 - Bass, some plucks and bubbly flurries
Analog 4 - All kinds of small chirps, arps and bass
Analog Rytm - Drums and stuff!
Octatrack - Mainly Sequencing
Percussion and Handclaps :slight_smile:

Paper, glue, scissors and sticky figures - artwork

That’s about it! <3

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