More distortion style techno


Inspired the last couple nights to just go for it :slight_smile: Check it out. I made this one tonight

I posted this other one last night


YES! keep em coming man these are grand.


“Cool maybe not” is not my thing, but wow, i really dig “Oh well”
Reminds me of dark nights in my youth.
listen to early axis recordings!


nice very nice




This is dope ! Keep it up !


well now, @djadonis206 , you gotta tell us what gear you used to make these, here on the GEAR forum and all. :wink:

Reminds me of Chancellor. so TR-8(S?) and SH-01A?


Word. I just picked up an SH-01a. I ran it through an Ableton rack I made. One chain is the distortion and the other chain reverb. Mix the chains to taste.

I’m actually using 909 samples in the Rytm. It’s an old 909 pack I got on All through a similar chain as above. This is where I’m hyped on Overbridge.

The FX, I made. I’m experimenting with taking random samples and applying massive amounts of effects. I record a long take and then cut and paste the bits where they sound like they should go. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. But it’s better than trying to source FX from packs. At least for me.

Fun times though!!!


Great stuff. Looks like you have a winning combo there. I would have picked it as the TR8 myself, (just sounds like one to my ears)

#10 here’s a track i made thats hard techno inspired. Fm synth engines on the mono machine


Can’t wait to hear these! Loved all of your other stuff! Are you playing out live @djadonis206?


me do like it <3
that’s my style


Thank you!!! :blush:

I don’t play out live but most tracks are jammed “live”. Then edited in Ableton.

I do DJ though :metal:t4: