Monoteur concert - Octatrack Bass realtime resampling, Midi and MC6

Hi guys,

One year ago I started to work out a way to play live with all my favourite instruments and sounds as a one man band show. The result is finished now and the “Autofiktion” EP is released.
In this concert i’m using the Octatrack as the knot of the system to play midi notes and the programmed beats. It is the same setup i created, recorded the tracks in the studio.
I’m sending the bass while i’m playing through the Octatrack and resample my playing to create melodies to the track. To switch the pattern i’m using the Mornigstar MC6 as a foot controller. Hope it inspires somebody to do similar things.



Really good stuff. I can’t hear everything at the moment. @ 3m40s, for high pitch bass notes do you use harmonics, pitch shift (timestretch on), delayed pitch up (timestretch off), midi converter, or something else?

Hey thanks, yeah right i used mostly pitched up bass resampling and programmed delay feedbacks in the OT. Not on every track…No, no midi converter. I try to keep it as raw as possible from the bass. The synths playing midi from the OT, but the Eventide pedal is midi CC programmed too during the tracks. The Analog Drive pedal is changing sounds in verse and chorus…a lot more stuff

Thanks. What’s funny is I do the opposite : make bass / drums from a small guitar. :content:
Guitar > AH > OT. Sampling / Resampling only.
OT is THE Performance Sampler!

Do i see this right, you playing drums with a guitar? But you need a midi converter. Thats more challenging to what i do. Very interesting approach, mate!

Nothing else than guitar / AH / OT!
Fx sequencing to make drums from the incoming sound. It was a year ago, I improved drums, I’m still searching!

Same template at a different tempo.

yeah thats the thing, during the work you still always find something new in the OT though its quite limited.

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Incredibly and unusually limited! :content: