Monomachine vs digitone


Hahah… no “SHIFT+YES” button combination for that!


I’ve had my mnm forever and didn’t realize that this could be done. This changes everything…


Yes!!! It was a “WHOA!” moment for me, too! (Got that out of the ElektronNextLevel tips!)


Monomachine also has 3 busses, I use them a lot to route towards either internal or external FX.
If one is a tiny little bit into Autechre then MM is a must :smile:
I love the percussions you can get out of it.

There are things I miss when using MM (kits for instance) but nothing I can’t overcome with (a lot of) practice.

This synth will stay forever.

Now Digitone as really good master FX, even if they are not plockable. Distorsion is pretty good too. And with harmonics + FM + filters you can reach an extremely wide variety of sounds…

MM filters and gain staging need some mastering before you can reach a quality sound…
Soundwise, you reach sweet spots everywhere with Digitone, while it takes some practice with MM.

If I had to choose between the two of them today, I do believe I would choose DN. It just gives me much more pleasure. But that might be that honeymoon is not over yet :wink:


Yes the mono sequence, is in my opinion far better than the current seqs -
each track offers 3 lock options, lfo, amp, filter. Very similar to modular thinking and reminds me of Buchla thinking in many ways.
The arp also has filter, amp and lfo.
The arp is a sequencer in a sequencer.
Song mode is a gaint tracker sequencer with offsets, bpm changes and other weirdness.
Did any one say six track sequencer? Ha

The machines are much deeper than the DT. I actually prefer the FM monomachine machines.
With six tracks you can layer and create your own Roland-Waldorf-Buchla-mutable synth
In essence, A modular block chain of va-wavetable-fm-beatbox synth (granular), all controlled and trigger from one track

It’s Silver! And Far far far easier to use than the smaller and clacking DT.

I frigging hate the DT,AR,A4 sound lock thingo. The 128 sound pool is so silly.

On the monomachine I can pretty much make an sound I want per step, in very quick time.

The beat box laid out across the keys is so easy.


IMO the sound lock feature is great. Its pretty easy to run out of lock memory on the MnM when making a whole drum kit on one track with the Sid machine for example.


I did a recent long Monomachine song with SID drums and lots of other p-locking. Never ran out of p-lock memory this time by just keeping myself constrained to one-bar patterns (16 steps or less, typically). I found this kept the p-lock anxiety down a bit, and made it a bit easier to really craft each pattern and make it into a more performable song.

SID drums are awesome. Favorite sounding kicks and snares I’ve ever made across all my gear. Whereas I try to make good drum sounds on A4 and Digitone and always just feel like an incapable dummy. MM-SID simplifies things in the right way and still sounds great. Limited, but great.

But now that Digitone OS 1.02 is out, I’m going to have to revisit it. The honeymoon ended quick with the Digitone, but it may be more due to some personal burnout and oncoming springtime “discontent and longing” than anything to do with the box.


Please stop!


Can say I’ve ever made drums with the Sid, accept maybe a bd. Mostly go to beatbox and fm for drums. And tips here with sid.

I guess noise for snare.

Btw, I really like the A4 for drums. One of the best analog drum machines I’ve ever used and it’s not even a drum machine. It reminds me of the 808 and 606, soft and punchy.


No I will not stop until the mono stops answering my questions…ha

Mmm can you do this my blue moon monomachine?

Hacking the midi sequencer to midi sequence the monomachine sequencer for a seq outside a seq within a seq and a song mode within a ???
Or maybe it just all crashes the sequencer

Velocity to pitch,
Velocity to delay time

One machine into 5 effect chains with 6 different tape delay loops

Creating a sampler machine out of the delay.

Muting a track on massively plocked track and capturing a random step lock in the buffer

Copy the weird sound step buffer to the next track.
Rinse and repeat.

Create a Buchla low pass gate
Control a Buchla easel via midi
Bring a Buchla into the inputs and party harder

Use the mono effect tracks adsr as a vca, envelop, multi filter and lfo for a eurorack analog vco.

Vocoder as a string machine that whispers, yesssss, on the release stage


Damnit @Orwell, I was so close to selling my monomachine!

I’m definitely getting more out of the Digitone in terms of sound design. But then again, I’d totally forgotten about the Monomachine’s arp being able to be separated from envelope/LFO triggers, and the other nice little sequencer tricks exclusive to it. I’ve actually never used the song mode or the multi mode (something about being able to trigger patterns via incoming MIDI notes?) so maybe I’ll give that a try before making a decision.

Of course, I could have the best of both worlds and start using the MnM + DN together :stuck_out_tongue:

… but I was considering selling my MnM and Mk1 OT in order to get the Mk2 OT… hmmmmmmm


In my opinion digitone does not come close to the monomachine. You will get quicker results on digitone for sure and it sounds pretty good, I really like the kicks it makes, but monomachine is so unique, so deep, and way better at complex sound design. I’m starting to regret my purchase of the digitone a little bit honestly. I think it has its place but I have not heard much come out of it that I can’t recreate with a soft synth. Maybe I haven’t played around with it enough though. If I had a YouTube channel and wanted to make little videos of me playing live I might keep it but I’m not really into that. Maybe I’ll sell and wait for the monomachine mk3… Or maybe I’ll use that money to buy an Octatrack… or an O coast!


Aaaaaaaaany chance you’re looking to get into or add to your modular? I have some make noise modules and/or an o coast I’d trade for a MnM


Hmm, nah not at this point. I have the 0-coast already but modular hasn’t quite pulled me in…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: also I’m in Australia so probably wouldn’t be worth it for either of us!


Yeah I was hooked last summer but have come to realize I just love elektron boxes and have been slimming down. O coast is pretty dope tho how do you use it? Square wave to Temp , clock out to balance in gives a much cooler start to a fundamental wave. Rediscovered that the other day


Wouldn’t this be the same as the square wave patched directly to balance?


No, in their video they called it “digital square”, slightly different tone/harmonics. Patch it to Temp and patch clock out to balance audio in (not CV to be clear)


I’ve only used it for sound design/sampling so far, but it’s very good as a PO-33 sound source!

I’m looking forward to using it with the Digitone soon though, as the form factors are pretty similar. Would be a nice live rig.


O okay, that’s interesting.


Yeah it’s pretty cool, if you do the same but patch random out instead of clock you get pitched noise