Monomachine vs digitone


Not worth selling the mm and ot just to get the ot 2.

Try sequencing the mono via the ot and change up the channels and midi, can get some great randomness.


I hear you, the digitone was a sugar hit for me. Id rather buy another monomachine over the digitone.


I basically just want an upgrade/refresh as my OT is getting a little old. I guess I could just get a new OT mk1… but those velvety mk2 buttons!!


OT mk2 is pretty cool. But not worth selling a Monomachine. You would regret such decision.


Love seeing the Monomachine love, especially some of the nods towards the more unusual sound design of Buchla, etc. I was going through a bad phase of Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter 2 lust (an unusual ‘drum and drama machine’ box) around the time I was starting to really explore the Monomachine. Then I saw some YouTube video or read a tip about using the Monomachine’s arp on a BBOX drum track and somehow through using that and all the other available sound settings (filters, delays, retrigs), I ended up at place that more than satisfied my itch for ‘unusual sounds from unusual boxes’.


This thread makes me want a Monomachine again. Not for the things it can’t do or its flaws, but despite them. I know I probably won’t do it, but the feeling lingers.



I feel like now that I have an OT MK2 to sequence it with, I could get over my sequencing gripes I had with my two previous MMs.

That neighbor routing is so wondrous.


I want one too. I WANT :rofl:


One of my all time fav Elektron videos. Strangely enough, I bought the A4 instead.
Still waiting for new uploads of this guy


Oh yeah! I watched that on repeat before I got my first MnM


You had more then one?


Sound-wise you can get quite fast results with the Digitone, but than there is almost nothing to explore further. No mystery, no journeys into the unknown. It’s the exact opposite of a “deep” machine with endless possibilities.

But, of course, if you need instant gradifications, it’s the perfect machine (look mum, I’m the best sound designer of the galaxy).


Made this one with MM and Rytm.

The neighbor routing, trig, and LFO scheme was complex enough that I couldn’t recreate it if I tried. And I wonder what kind of voodoo I’d have to invoke to get my Digitone talking this language.


I was thinking of you specifically when I wrote that. :slightly_smiling_face:

If I didn’t have to depend on its sequencer to do all of the heavy lifting, and let it just be the weird, freaky box that it is, I could be routing neighbor tracks to my hearts content.


my mam doesn’t care for my sound design :meh:


This track is FIERCE. :t_rex:


crazy and impressive


Sorry guys, that was not my intent :joy:

But tell your banker it’s all my fault.


At separate times, yes


It took me a very long time to realize, that it works best for me, to have just one Elektron in my place. It took me a very short time to decide, that that one should be the Monomachine :slight_smile: