Monomachine tracks have recorded notes, but the notes do not play

I have a sequences recorded, and have played them back successfully, but then something changes and the notes, which are still there do not play back in ANY sequence. The MM is getting tempo sync from a Digitone. I have checked the mute mode on the monomachine. It’s correctly set, which is to say nothing is muted. Moreover, when the sequence is running and the recorded notes are not playing, the buttons on the machine will ply and you can hear notes from any track that you care to play live. It’s as if the sequenced notes are no longer being “seen” by the MM. Live notes yes, recorded no, for everything. I’m sure it is a NUS (New User Stupidity) error. Nohing from the manual jumps out at me though. Hoprefully, somebody quickly replies “Change the ---- parameter, you marooon!” Thanks!

Do the triggs contain Parameter Locks? are the Volume Parameters of each recorded Step not too low?

Could be related to these midi control settings.

Mabe the triggers on the sequencer are not triggering the amp. Check trig select!

Have you accidentally switched into poly mode?

Thanks all! It was indeed the MIDI control settings; I had the Sequencer set to Out, thinking was the way to get it to sync to the external MIDI. Fantastic help,great forum, much to think about and a stellar piece of kit.