Monomachine live record mode


Been a long time since i’ve used my monomachine. Just dug it out after a few years and I’m trying to use Live-record mode, but when I engage it, it erases the recorded notes and also I can’t overdub. Is there a global setting I’m missing or is my MM faulty? I might be doing something silly, but I can’t remember the MM ever doing this kind of thing.


Just to clarify, on any track that already has notes recorded, when I engage live-record, these notes get erased.

That’s not good. Try the Test Mode in the Early Startup menu to see whether there is a hardware problem.

The MM doesn’t overdub: new notes entered will replace any existing notes on the same sequencer step.

Thanks Peter. I ran the test mode - all ok. Also did a soft reset. When I enter live-rec mode, the whole pattern for that selected track get erased for as long as live-record is engaged, almost like it’s muting notes or same as when you used to use exit/no to erase notes.

Hmm. What are your steps for engaging live-record? What is the track led color for the track you’re trying to record on when you’re attempting to record?

Got it! The ‘exit/no’ button is sticking on and so it is erasing everything as soon as it’s played.
Thanks for your input guys!


:smiley: nice! glad it wasn’t something more serious.