Monomachine battery keeps dying?

I just recently replaced the battery in the mnm about 4 months ago and im already getting the low battery message again. Has anyone else run into this?

Have you tested the battery directly with a multimeter?

I want to say there can be electrical “leakage” in a battery circuit. I’ve had a few non synth devices with this in the past but they weren’t really work looking into further to fix them so I’m not sure entirely how to hunt down the problem. Might be worth replacing the battery one more time just incase it was just a bad battery.

Just open it and put in new battery ?
Though I’m assuming it’s just one of those watch type ones I’ve seen in other synths.

There’s probably other threads on here about it , it won’t be a unique issue.

The battery clip may not be secure.


^ This. I’ve had this issue with another synth. All I needed to do was make sure the clip holds the battery as tightly as possible.

yeah hoping this is the case although that sucker is in there pretty solid by design.

Not yet, I am going to replace it again and make sure its snug, and if this pops up again ill get one and test… good data point.