Mono input to Stereo Output?

So I have a Mackie VLZ802 with only one AUX output that I feed into the Analog Heat input. I want to get two mono signals out of the Heat so I bought a Y-cable (TRS to two TS). I signal still isn’t duplicating like I want it to whether I plug the cable into the Heat input or output. Is there an setting option in the Analog Heat to have a mono input route to stereo output?

To my understanding the solution is to get a Y cable to convert mono to stereo before going into the Heat’s inputs. The important thing is that the mono end must be TS, not TRS.

An example:

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PS The female end could also be male, but must be TS not TRS - this cable is less common than the you used which is technically stereo to stereo, not mono to stereo

@handed Thanks! I’ll order one of those to see if that works. In the meantime a workaround is to use the headphone out on the Heat as a duplicate output.

Here is a TS mono to mono y cable:

If I don’t care about getting two output signals, I can just run a mono synth into the left input (and out the left output) right?

Yes, but keep in mind the “Round Fuzz” circuit’s left and right channels sound a little bit different to each other

This is silly. I hope a future update will allow us to split a single mono signal to the stereo out. seems like such a simple thing and no-brainer


I just received some of

and I can verify it works to split mono to dual mono for a L/R input on the analog heat.

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I too was surprised I could not split a single mono signal to the stereo out…

“I hope a future update will allow us to split a single mono signal to the stereo out”

Solved with AH MKII.

Yes the MK2 does this, which suggests to me that it’s a hardware issue that cannot be addressed in a software update. It’s a shame as I have some mono synths, but I have some DI boxes and other bits of hardware that can split a mono signal so not a complete disaster for me.

MKII does this?
How, exactly please?

I don’t see it in the manual and i’ve been searching online for hours.
I just want to feed a mono signal in the left input, and have it come out both L and R outputs.

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Search mono, page 9. :wink:

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Ummm… what?

That’s the reference guide to the rear connections of the unit???
Zero info there…

Sure, I can plug in one cable to the left side (mono input), but then it only outputs audio from the left side output. I want to output audio from both outputs of heat. People above this said it could be done. I’m asking how. I’m not sure you understand what i’m asking.

It’s how I understand it. Plug a mono cable in left input, as many machines do for mono signals, L(mono)>L/R
I have an MKI, so I can’t test. Maybe MKII owners would explain that mistery? :content:

INPUT L (mono)/R
Audio inputs. Use either 1/4” mono phone plug (unbalanced connection) or 1/4” (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) phone plug (balanced connection).

Hey folks,
will the Heat MKI sum to mono when I plug only 1x TS-cable from L-output into a mono monitor box like Fostex, Avantone, etc.?