Mono in my headphones (A4 Mk2)


It is mono in headphones and main outputs. When I use PAN it still on the center. Track out is stereo, and PAN parameter moves it from left to the right properly. But in headphones PAN parameter doesn’t work.
Strange… I found just today. Probably I made something wrong somewhere in settings, but can’t find what exactly.


What headphones are you using? Maybe your 1/8 to 1/4 adapter isn’t working right or connected all the way?


Here it is more clear.

It works as mono trough headphones, but normally trough track output.
Master output also mono, same as headphones.


Can’t embed the video:


Same headphones works properly on my AR Mk2. It something with my A4


Weird. Some people would like the opposite : stereo for main and mono option for individual outputs !


or stereo for main and stereo for individual outputs as well :slight_smile:


Time to file a ticket with Elektron Support.


Just want to know if someone else has the same problem


Have to change my device…


Surprising issue…


whats your headphones?


Beyerdynamic dt 770, but it doesn’t matter. Main output is also mono.
Same cables, headphone, connectors are working properly on my AR Mk2, so Im very pretty sure it is A4 problem.


Got new device today. Upgraded it to 1.30B. Now everything fine, stereo on my headphones and output.
Now I have 1 Error on my test mode, AUDIO:(-) 12. Hope it is not a big problem :smiley:
Despite all these problems (my second change) I love it so much <3


go ahead and file a new support ticket.
Perhaps, at best, it is a small issue that can be remedied in the next upgrade.


I have the same problem on my Rytm Mk1. For over a year I thought it was a feature of the headphone output, but then some days ago I noticed it’s also affecting the main outs, analog as well as through Overbridge.

Luckily I’m still under warranty so I’m getting my unit repaired soon. Since test mode gave no errors and a factory reset didn’t help, I guess there’s something in the assembly process that, when done incorrectly, creates a stereo summed output instead of a proper stereo image.