MODOR NF-1m - mini Digital Synth


On the Superbooth 17, Modor introduces the NF-1m modor. This is a compact version of the digital NF-1 synthesizer. The sound engine is the same, the controls have been saved. In addition, the prototypes of an NF-1 filter Eurorack module can be seen at Modor.
The NF-1m has exactly the same sound as the larger NF-1. It is a DSP-based synthesizer with eight voices, which is proud of its digital heart. The structure corresponds to classical subtractive synthesis. Three oscillators per voice produce 10 different waveforms each, which are processed further with a 12dB filter and a formant filter. New in the Miniversion is an improved D / A converter, which is also to be installed in the future in the large NF-1.
_Where the NF-1 has a lot of controls, the compact NF-1m has a menu control: The parameters to be changed are selected with buttons and edited with value controls. _
The model NF-1m should be delivered in a few weeks and cost 580 euros.


8 voices
Poly, Mono and Mono-legato modes

448 patches, 14 banks [A-N] of 32 patches
All factory presets overwritable

9V, 600mA adapter connection, positive voltage on center pin
MIDI IN/THRU/OUT connections, 3x 5-pin DIN connection
Audio Left and Right outputs, 6.35mm mono jack
Sustain switch, 6.35mm mono jack
Volume/modulation pedal, 6.35mm stereo jack
MIDI over USB connector

16x2 green backlit LCD display
8 rotary knobs
8 pushbuttons
1 rotary encoder
1 Power switch/volume knob

Full realtime MIDI control of all sound parameters
Pitch Bend, Modwheel (CTRL#1), Expression pedal (CTRL#7), Breath Control, Velocity and Aftertouch can be used as modulation sources

Width: 248mm
Height: 70mm
Depth: 120mm


Hopefully they can hit the right asking price for this one. The NF-1 was a little pricey but sounded fantastic.


Modor Doing a Eurorack formant filter also.


It looks like a potential menu-diving hell. Eager to see some demos of navigating through all the menus, and to hear what the price will be.


I’ve been hoping for this since they put up that “We’re Expecting” teaser on their web site earlier this year. A local synth nerd and I are both into digital synths and have been impressed by the sounds of the NF-1 but have been wanting something smaller and cheaper (especially ‘smaller’).

I look forward to seeing about the price.

After my experiences with the MiniAK/Micron and the MPC500, I swore I’d never do the ‘two lines of LCD text’ instruments again. But this and/or the Micromonsta may have me go back on that statement.

Plus - yay for being a smaller-format synth with MIDI Thru! Seems like a number of newer machines at SuperBooth this year are finally putting that back in.


According to this article (German) (translated to english by Google for this here quote):

The model NF-1m should be delivered in a few weeks and cost 580 euros.

The article also states that it “has the same sound as the larger NF-1”.

I’ve been wanting a general purpose poly but small for a while now in this price range but haven’t been too satisfied with what’s available (aside from maybe the Micromonsta). As I revisited some NF-1 demos and sounds today I’m definitely excited for this.


Hopefully we get a demo of the UI from Superbooth from someone?


If I can get this for $500-$600, I just might.


I’ll be buying it the day it’s available. I also loved the NF-1 but felt it was WAY too big for live use (been looking for a poly for my live rig that is small and sounds amazing) and too expensive as well. But I LOVED the idea behind it and the sound. I think they tried too hard on some of the “bonus” waveforms, but I prefer that to a product that doesn’t even try to be unique. I want some new sounds, I’m sick of the same companies putting out the same stuff over and over so it’s nice to see some innovation.

I love hybrid synths the most, but I see the beauty in both analog/digital. That said, analog is my general preference because it just sounds warmer and fatter most of the time. But when digital is done well, then it is simply amazing and can do things that nothing else can do.

I feel like the NF-1 and now NF-1m will go down as “hidden gems” and “secret weapons” in 10 years when most people won’t even know they exist. The problem is that Modor are innovating in the world of digital synthesis in a time of overwhelming analog fever. A similar thing happened to companies like Spectral Audio (Protone, Neptune I + II), Technosaurus (Microcon I + II, Cyclodon, Effexon). They were making very cool and interesting analog synths during a time when not many people were really buying hardware so they didn’t do too well despite making amazing instruments. They were trend SETTERS, so they were ahead of the curve and it took too long for the market demand to catch up to their supply.

Modor are the tip of the spear: digital is coming back into being “cool” again with this and the digitakt (+ tons of digital modular and semi-modular stuff). Someone has to go first and take one for the team, and I feel like Modor is doing that.

I feel like it’s very important to support Modor on their mission because they are looking to the future and new possibilities which is what electronic music was always about.


If the Kurzweil is menu diving hell, I’m not sure how the Modor could be. The sections of the original are simply reduced to buttons, and the knobs work for any section you choose. That is really just a single menu level. I’d hardly call it “diving”.

The other two pots on the left are user defined no matter what section you enter, which portends to be extremely handy. Getting around this synth is likely to be easier than, say, the Micromonsta.


It’s fine. I’m most likely getting one. I’d describe hitting a button that brings you into a submenu that changes all the functions of the knobs with each push a bit of a dive (there were 3 buttons to choose the oscillators on the bigger one for example). You can’t adjust multiple parameters from different sections at the same time freely; that’s fine though. I prefer this form factor, and the improvements to the hardware.


Yeah, it’s a bit of a concern, but since nearly all of my other synths are knob-per-function (or slider/button) I figure it’s ok to have a bit of menu tradeoff.

I couldn’t pull the trigger on the micromonsta after years of thinking about it (I started considering the P6, then after waiting it turned into the micromonsta). With the NF-1m, I had no real hesitation after seeing the MIDI through port. If the micromonsta had offered MIDI through I would have bought it already. I just can’t afford to have any more synths without through.

I’m glad I waited though, because I prefer the sound of the Modor anyway.


I’m for sure getting this guy. I can’t stop thinking about it; I owned the bigger version for a bit, but got rid of it mostly due to its awkward footprint (really difficult to find a proper way to transport comfortably). I love the sound the Modor makes, and miss it a ton. I might even pair it with a Digitakt; that would make a very cute combo.


Placed my preorder with Perfect Circuit. This paired with the Digitakt is such an appealing package to me; I could not resist.


How is this synth going for you? A keeper?


It’s quite irrational of me, but I’m seriously contemplating getting a second one. I don’t usually have that urge with any synths, but I’m extremely drawn to the character of this synth. I made this glassy resonant HP filtered FM pad the other day with the formant & comb filters also doing their thing, and I’m absolutely in love with the patch. So many ultra interesting complex sounds happen with layering. I usually don’t use noise much, but the sonar and wind add such an amazing element when used subtly imo.


Super into this synth. The NF-1m is a bit menu-divey, but I’ve managed to develop a bit of muscle memory with the knobs according to their relevant pages. It’s easy to get confused if you don’t.


Thanks for your thought on this module, it does seem intuitive on the panel if a bit menu divey as you say. Hard to tell really though as no video reviews of this online. I’m sure you can get into lush places though.


Sounds like this could maybe be a blofeld killer?


The Blofeld is the one synth I’ve always wanted to try, but amazingly haven’t yet. I really love the formant filter, overdrive on the multimode filter, the FM waves, and permanent comb filter in the signal chain of the Modor. I like what I’ve heard of the Blofeld, but I feel the Modor is maybe more capable of lush strings/pads, and really different sounds.