Model:Samples Flam hihats

Is there a way to create sub steps or flam with hihats? Also is there a way to set up open and closed hihats so that the open hihat closes when the closed one hits? You know like other drum machines. Thank you!!

For flam, you can put two trigs on two adjacent steps, and then nudge one off grid towards the other, then p-lock the decay as required.

There’s no choke groups, but as a quick and dirty workaround, you could use an open hat sound and p-lock the decay to a low value on the steps you want a closed hat. Success would ultimately depend on the specific sample you were using I guess.

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You can load a closed hihat on a track and use sample locks for the open hat (or vice versa).
Since the tracks are monophonic, the samples will choke each other.
Microtime them to get the right groove and/or use swing.

I don’t have a Model:Samples, but it should work.

Of course using an open hat and p-locking amp decay also works. :slight_smile:

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