Model:Samples does not respond to MIDI program change commands...

I have created some sequences on my Model:Samples that I want it to play as a MIDI slave. In my case the MIDI master is a Roland TR-6s. When the TR-6s sends a program change command, my Model:Samples doesn’t switch until 16 steps later. I looked at the Scale function, in which a CHG value can be set - but this cannot be set to “0”. Where can I set the Model:Samples so that it immediately switches to the next sequence the moment it receives the program change command?

I’m pretty sure you can’t do that. Whatever is sending program change to the M:S must do it in advance. For instance, if you were to slave a M:S to a model:cycles, you would see the program change being sent about a half step early.

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Thanks for the quick reply. But I can’t understand it. If the MS doesn’t respond to program change commands in time, this device is completely useless (unless you use it as a MIDI master). The MS also responds to start/stop commands immediately! I also switch on the Roland TR-6s a few steps before the program change, and 16 steps before the change, the TR-6s shows that it will switch “on the next one”. All other devices in MIDI slave mode also switch immediately when the program change command arrives. To be honest, I don’t understand why such a delay would be useful, other than causing confusion in the process…

What can I say. The subject generates a lot of debate, particularly when combining Elektron and non-Elektron devices. It’s usually called the ‘one bar late’ issue. Try looking through these threads.


Unfortunately, that’s not the Elektron Way. Elektron devices all operate on the principle that they will receive an early notification of pattern change, and they will then execute the change at the time that the receiving box figures is right.

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Well, if that really isn’t possible, then I’ll just have to use the MS as a MIDI host. That works too. I mean, of course ALL synths and drum machines that I have play the current sequence to the end before the program change, otherwise it would just be a complete mess. But the MS plays another 16 steps before switching, even if the program change is at the end of its sequence. In the “Scale” setting (Func + Scales), the “CHG” value (i.e. the number of steps after which the program change is carried out) can be set from 2 to 1024, but not to “0”…
Nevertheless many thanks!


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