Model Samples Carrying Case


If anyone’s looking for a great case! It’s the tomtoc 360 laptop case on amazon. I use it for my Electribe 2 and it works great! Plenty of room for cables and power too. I have the model Decksaver but even without it it’s a great fit and reliable!

Carry case ideas for Model Samples

Sick! I haven’t been able to find a the decksaver in stock anywhere here yet. Can’t wait to grab it


Nice. Matching orange too :grinning:


Where did you find a decksaver for it? I’m searching but can’t find anything


You put the decksaver upside down :slight_smile:


Never mind, I found it. Dang they are as expensive as always though lol


You’re not joking. Is this par for course for Elektron accessories? I jumped on the M:S thinking the price was excessive, but bearable with a little hype. Makes me worry how much the battery’s going to cost, and the sleeve.


Indeed, and by virtue of the design needing to accommodate the presence of the battery handle the decksaver surface is such that you couldn’t (on first appearances) stack two on top of one another - it’s a compromise - having a full footprint decksaver to rest on is handy

Maybe when the handle is in-situ the combined projected surface lends itself to stacking - first world problems eh :wink: - but stackability is super handy on top of protection duties


The bag/sleeve is 399kr and the decksaver is 550kr in Sweden. So $€15-20 less for the sleeve. Elektrons decksavers are expensive, their other accessories are a bit all over. Decksavers is the company making the decksavers for Elektron, although I don’t know about this one yet, so I’m sure that might up the price a bit.


Aha. Didn’t know the sleeve was out too. UK stores are showing £35 for the sleeve, and £50 for the decksaver.


Would look for maybe some kind of a neoprene sleeve for the unit. That would be awesome as well .


Lol I feel like an idiot! I tried putting it that way first but it didn’t seem to be fitting. Then I thought it was weird they designed it in a way that the handle wouldn’t fit. Thanks for pointing it out!


I should have looked here 1st. This is a great carry case.


This is the 12 inch Ipad carry case, it fits perfectly. This is my 1st time posting in here so I hope I’ve done everything right.


You should also think about the BP-1 battery pack (which you can’t really because Elektron is still mum on the detail) and getting it to fit in your case.

I think another option, also for transport, but more like carrying a book, than a laptop, would be a snug fitting lid. Not like the lids you can get for the Digitakt – i’m thinking more like the ones that come with the Modal Skulpt.


A little large for the run of the mill 3-D printer, but doable i think by a 3-D printing shop.

ADDED: Wouldn’t it be nice if the “Powerhandle BP-1” from Elektron really does come with a handle, and maybe a way to cover the control surface so that it would double for tranport.


For now it serves a purpose , I’ve been taking it to work but I do use a string backpack. I’d never actually carry it in my hand, I’m too security conscious.

It’s padded inside and done very well and has velvet over the padding so I’m not too concerned about the encoders as they are rubber. I think if it was built like every other Elektron machine I would not use this but a cover or the official Elektron carry case or alternatives.

As for the handle, if it is in fact like a handle I’m sure there is room. If not the case has an outside zip pouch. It may fit, if not ill just pop it in my back pack.


I do like the look of this cover though that you’ve shown.


With the Skulpt you have the option to flip the lid around and put it on the back so that it raises the synth up if you want to use it that way. That could work with the other Model:Xs too.