Model: Midi Notes In OFF, sync data ON? How?

So, Circuit hooked to Model to provide start/stop info.

However, I don’t want to receive notes in from Circuit.

I cannot turn off NoTEs out of Circuit since they are being used to sequence things on an iPad.

Is there a setting scenario by which I can disable midi notes in while maintaining sync functions?

Thank you in advance

I already looked at manual.

In the midi settings, you can set or turn off the In Channel for each track. This is a separate setting to the midi sync settings. Section 11.3.2 in the manual.

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Thank you for you assistance. I appreciate your time.

I do have it on off to receiving but it is still being being triggered. Would you recommend next to try? Just change channel number of midi so they don’t correspond in addition to the midi in being turned off?

Maybe try turning AUTO IN off too. It’s the second last option in the In Chan menu.

The manual says

AUTO IN selects the MIDI channel for the AUTO channel that gives access to the currently active
track. If an external MIDI keyboard connected to Model:Samples sends MIDI data on this channel,
the keyboard controls the active track. This is useful when for example quickly changing between the
active audio tracks to play different Sounds.
The Model:Sample uses the Tracks dedicated channels and the AUTO channel to record
to the sequencer tracks from external MIDI keyboards and controllers.

I’m not in front of my M:S at the moment, but reading that suggests to me that MIDI could be coming in the AUTO channel, even if the MIDI In on the individual tracks is off.

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