Model:Cycles / Syntakt Song mode

Hi everyone.

I am setting up a live set using the Syntakt and the Model Cycles. Syntakt is the Brain and MC will add some pads and other FX.

Syntakt is pattern changing along the song mode, and the MC follows same patters as Syntakt is changing through. Everything seems normal.

I just found a weird setting that makes the MC to get lost.

Patterns on the Syntatk are timed per track with 256 as a Master length and CH.LEN Off. MC is setup per Pattern with 64 and Ch as 16.
When the syntakt advances to the next pattern, everything follows.

I needed to have longer pattern on the MC for a specific length, so I changed the MC to have a Pattern per TRACK, and the track is scaled down to 1/8x with a change of 256 to match the Syntakt.
When I change the MC to TRACK, it won’t follow the Syntakt. It plays the pattern length and then waits again for the CH value, playing the pattern twice and then changes. I tried to set the CH value to OFF, but then doesn’t change.

Everything on the paper is right, the CH of 256 has been completed and there’s no need to wait another CH length for the transition.

Does anyone experienced anything similar?

Pattern per track is what breaks things, when a model is used as receiver, in my experience. A link to my previous thread.

EDIT: See also what Elektron said in a support ticket:


Thanks for your replay.

The only thing that works right now is Pattern per Pattern, and only to 1x playback speed.
If you select like 1/2x, things get weird as well.

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