Model cycles polyrhythm question

I just got model cycles, and wanted to know how to do polyrhythms?


First of all, welcome to the forum! You are able to change the pattern length per track very easily (function + page, change from ptn to trk I believe?) that’s a great place to start, change the track lengths.

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Yep, this is it, change to per-track length. You’ll also need to change the CHG setting to e.g. 64, this is the number of steps after which all the tracks “resync” to the first step, so if you leave it at 16 and your track length is e.g. 14, you’ll hear 14 steps, then 2, then it’ll repeat 14, 2, etc. no you don’t, I was confused!


Not to be too pedantic but that will achieve polymeter and, with that, a couple of possible polyrhythms. Just throwing that out there in case the OP was after one or the other specifically.

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I want my beat at 16, and staying at 1:4. Just wanna set my HH, and snare at 9 and 7. Kicks to go the full 16

Chg is just for when it will change to the next pattern. It doesn’t have any effect on the pattern as it plays (like M.LEN does on the higher tier boxes).

Ha you’re absolutely right. I’d just assumed it was the same as M LEN I think. That’s good to know, cheers!

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I figured it out, thanks a bunch.

Are you able to get scale per track (or polymetric) patterns to change correctly? I posted about this a month or so ago but maybe I came off too indignant because I never got a response from anyone.

Basically, whenever the scale per track setting is turned on, patterns change late, usually by one measure. That’s how it’s been for me at least.

not yet gotta try that

I’m just trying to figure out the ‘Chg’ setting. In the manual it says:

“CHG Change controls for how long the active pattern plays before it loops or a cued pattern begins to play”

But it seems that ‘Chg’ has no effect at all when the pattern is just looping, it only effects the length of the pattern when it’s cued or chained. I was expecting polyrhythmic loops (each track having a different ‘Len’ setting) to reset like tdmusic suggested.

Is this a typo in the manual? (or perhaps this section was taken from the modal:samples but isn’t implemented the same way on modal:cycles? Or am I not understanding something?

Yeah, think it’s a typo. The Models don’t have a “master” pattern length.

If you wanted that reset after ‘chg’ I would expect you could get it by chaining the same pattern twice or more. Haven’t tried it though so I could be wrong.

Im sure mine does this? …just jamming on a pattern, i have track 8 set to 5/8 and changing every 64…?

So the pattern loops the first 5 steps 12 times then only gets through 4 steps on the 13th time and reverts to step 1 and starts again…

Are you sure you mean the modal:cycles? The modal:cycles doesn’t have a “track 8”

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Ah yeh was in a car at the time and had 100% conviction in a lie

…Track 8 does not exist correct… :rofl:

And with the cycling I’m totally wrong… im watching it scroll now and it only counts to 5 in a continuous cycle if i stay on one pattern…


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It’s nice that Elektron have fixed some bugs with the new update, but based on their release notes, the pattern change issue (when scale per track setting is on) has not been fixed. My M:C is currently not with me, but has anyone tried this and can confirm whether or not it’s still an issue?

yes, that’s polymeter.