Model Cycles : No power, burnt smell, any ideas?

I recently got the cycles and have loved using it.

Today I plugged it in as usual and when I tried turning it on there was a burning smell and it no longer powers on.

Any idea of cause/next steps?

Would love to start jamming again.

Go here, then, where it says contact support, click on create a ticket where you can sort out repairs/replacements.


Thank you!

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I wish I could unlike this :frowning: I hope it all turns out ok!

Hopefully it’s the power supply that is stinking not the M:C.


Good luck bud. I love mine and I hope this doesn’t happen often.

Did you get this sorted out? This is a good reminder to back up periodically :grimacing:

Yeah! got a replacement unit in the end. Unfortunate loss of tracks, but feel like a kid just making more stuff when your drawings are lost. <3


Sorry to hear you lost your tunes but I’m glad you dusted yourself off and went back at it!