Model:Cycles MIDI start missing first beat?

Hi, I’m using my Model:Cycles with a Keystep MIDI keyboard.

When I press Start on the Keystep, Model:Cycles unfortunately often skips the first beat! About 50% of the time. This is super problematic.

Does anyone have an idea what this is due to or similar experiences?

I have had that that problem sometimes when pressing start on the M:C, when I have live-recorded a sequence. That I understand (my timing was out, so the ‘nudge’ for the first step is negative, it was too early).

But if you’re seeing the problem only with the keystep start and not with the M:C start, that must mean something different is happening.

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Yes @bibenu, I normally program beats with the step-sequencer on the model cycles without nudging the beats off the regular grid. Keystep is playing other synths but controlling synchronisation and clock.

I have the same problem with my Digitakt. Micro-timing is dead center, and when pressing play on the DT itself it always works as it should. Starting it from another device (DAW through midi, no overbridge), it skips the first beat half the times.

Just got this reply from the support Team:

This is a known bug, and we’re working on fixing the problem. In the meantime, a workaround is to nudge the first trig of the track to +1/384. It should then play consistently on MIDI start.

Thanks, I will try If that helps. :grin::+1:


The bug was fixed in the newest firmware version v1.13. Thank you so much Elektron for fixing this!

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