Modal Argon8 – 8 voice polyphonic wavetable synthesiser

8 voice polyphonic wavetable synthesiser

Modal Electronics are proud to announce the latest in its line of innovative Machines For Musicians - the Modal Argon8 synthesiser.

Argon8 joins the growing Modal Electronics family of SKULPTsynthesiser, CRAFTsynth 2.0, Modal 002 Hybrid and Modal 008 Analogue Polyphonic synthesisers.

Based around its revolutionary new wavetable synthesiser engine, Argon8 derives much of its heritage and DNA from the highly acclaimed Modal 002 and places it in an incredibly compact and price conscious package.

Argon8 will be announced and shown at Knobcon in Chicago on the 6th of September.

Argon8 ’s completely new sound engine enables extremely complex synthesis creation that we believe is hitherto unprecedented at this price point and even for products that are much, much higher.

For more details, visit:

Pricing will be $699 - £579 - €649 and will be available later this year.


Hydrasynth has a new challenger :slight_smile:


Just got the email through. Another I quite like the look of and nice price.

I liked the sound out of the Skulpt when I had it, just not the form factor so keen to see more of this one.

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Feels like maybe they announced this earlier than planned in response to the Hydrasynth appearing out of the blue. Interesting times ahead…


this looks terrific - very interested in seeing the final production model.

Form factor seems much improved, metal frame and top plus bamboo wood sides (eco!).


Yeah I totally got that impression. A little rushed (though think they had hinted at something coming a few times).

I feel like this one is going to be awesome in terms of synthesis, size and keyboard quality (fatar), sound results and experiment … and the price is very great too.

For now with all new things coming I would kept A4 in the analog domain and probably this one as a poly synth… (but Hydrasynth is very close indeed)

Dear synth overlords make it end. Too much new gear.
Has Loopop done a full breakdown on this already yet? :joy_cat:


Is there a flood of wavetable synths coming? Two in two days … wow …


now waiting for the Arturia’s MacroFreak


This is looking promising. Seems to have a pretty powerful sequencer and effects section.

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I really enjoy the craft 2. Its osc section is fantastic. I was just considering maybe buying a couple more for polychaining but this certainly quells that need.

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Ohh damn I really like this concept and form factor…

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Responding to Serum, probably. Wavetable is hot, hot, HOT right now

…so give me an Elektron DigiWave lol

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Better than the Blofeld?

Really looks nice.

Nick: And aftertouch is it poly or regular sort of aftertouch?
Jackson: (Drums fingers. Smiles.) Regular. (Wink wink.)
Nick: I’m sensing that might change. By the smile on your face.
(Jackson shakes his head.)
Nick: But you’re not going to tell me.
Jackson: We’ll see.

And look at that neat little joystick.

With the joystick and 37 keys i think of my Analog Keys.

Well i’ve already ordered the Hydrasynth and not regretting that, but this if they hold to the price this is cheap enough to be an “also as well.” The included sequencer is big plus for this relative the Hydrasynth.

We’ll see.

I took a look at the Argon synthesis specs. Filter on paper looks simpler (11 types on the ASM). Has a comparable mod matrix. The ASM though has more LFOs and EGs.

OTOH, Argon has a real sequencer w/ 512 steps.

Whoever buys Argon or Hydrasynth will be happy, methinks. Both are more interesting than any of the new Rolands.


And we must also note that the features on the Argon 8 are still fluid, as well as the schedule and to some extent the price. (Fluid like weather it’s poly-aftertouch.) (ADDED: leaving that typo in.)

Good of you GovernorSilver to lay out some specifics on the differences, i hadn’t gotten that far.