MNM: Screen fades while sequencer is running


After powering up the MNM starts properly with a crisp screen

Did anybody experience this issue?

Thanks for your help!


does it happen even if you don’t start the sequencer?
have you checked the power supply? are you using the right one?

This issue plagues my MnM, periodically. While I have read that it could be a battery or power pack issue, my solution is to turn the MnM off, disconnect the power pack, pull out the lead between the MnM and the power-pack and then re-connect them all firmly. I am using an Australian adapter for an American power lead so it may be that it comes loose when I muck about with other leads in the vicinity. I never ceases to cause a mild angina.

PSu was verdict no.1 ! I am using only original PSUs, noticed it for the first time, when using the PSU-2Revb (output 3A), but I have the same problem while using the older Rev 1 with even a slightly higher output at 3.5A.

While not touching the sequencer, I do not experience any issues (yet). From time to time the contrast comes back - but is immediately gone again.

Memory battery is also not on “Lo” yet.

She is alive again after being serviced by Juergen, an extremely skilled technician based in Duesseldorf with a focus on vintage synth repairs! (A big thanks!)

  • Battery was changed
  • Display re-soldered
  • Contrast poti cleaned

The display was not swapped - and is as crisp as it has left the factory yesterday!


Interesting. Mine has an issue where the backlight flickers and then goes off after a while. You can still read it, but just no backlight. Wonder whether it’s a similar thing.