MnM like Soundsources

Does anyone know know of Soundsources that are able of those gnarly full gummy sounds that the MnM provides ir is there simply nothing that can do similar things?


Post some examples


Nothing sounds exactly like anything else, so if you’re loving that particular sound you might have to find a used MnM.

It’s difficult to find a single thing that will sound the same. (But so is finding a affordable MNM at the moment😂 so I’ll play along with your inquiry) Its difficult partially because of the many different machines/sound sources and effects in the MNM. And partially because of the weird things you can make those sound sources do through the sequencer.

You could try to find different replacement sources for the different machines. For instances there are many sid emulators out there, I only tried reSID, which I liked, but you know: “shop around, it is your music”:joy:

also the MNM filters have a strange nasal quality (that I’m still very clueless on how that is achieved, so if any one has any pointers😂) that give it very distinctive sound regardless of the machines you use, atleast to my ears.

One thing that is conceptually similar IMO is the forthcoming M8 tracker. Elektron boxes have a workflow somewhat inspired by trackers to start with (parameter locks, sound locks, per step arps etc.), plus the M8 has 8 mono tracks and 4 different synth engines. It is a different interface and the device is a different form-factor, but the specs seem to hit the spot for me (I’ve ordered one).