MkII Rack Mount Kit


Has anybody got pics of the MkII rack mount kit in use?

And any instructions for said kit?


Yes and I am satisfied. I had a case made to measure :wink:


Very cool.

I assume the kit comes with instructions?

Do the ears attach to case screws?

The set contains extended screws. The Elektron has solved it perfectly.

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This looks awesome, but how are all the cables plugged into the Analog Rytm when it’s flush against the A4?

Guessing it must work fine if he has them like this and still a couple of U free above it.
They do look great like this too… :thinking:

Ever wonder why the analog MKII’s were perma-slanted? Look at them from the side. No cables come out of the top of “the rectangle”.

Are the grey rack mount sides available from a particular supplier or are they custom made?