Mixer advice

For my purposes, I personally can’t even consider any mixer that isn’t a USB I/O audio interface. And also multi-channel so I can record individual outputs to my DAW separately. I also need 4 or more analog inputs. If the device can also do some MIDI routing duties, bonus. If it can serve as a MIDI host? Perfect. With that in mind, I recently traded my Allen & Heath ZED-10FX mixer for an iConnectAudio4+. The ZED-10FX was a bit big for my desk, and didn’t really do multi-channel, but instead mixed everything down to a single stereo output. That was such a limitation on my DAW recording needs. I haven’t given the iConnectAudio4+ a big thorough test yet, but initially I’m pretty happy with how easily I got it up and running.

I always get confused with the blurring of “audio interface” and “mixer” these days. The iConnectAudio4+ can operate as a standalone mixer, without a computer. And that front panel’s got touch-sensitive controls for dialing in volumes. I do the rest of volume control with my hardware’s volume buttons.

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for some reason i am interested in the Xone4 although currently have one single studio rule in place: no mixer allowed.

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In a way audio interfaces are digital mixers with no faders and stuff that you control from a DAW instead…

I still keep a classic rectangle with a bunch of eq knobs, gain controls, faders, and inputs on the top side that’s fully controllable standalone as my standard idea of what to call a “mixer”…


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I’ve got my 3/4 shooting over to the OT which then sends back into another channel…
Any channel you want to sample you just press 3/4 and it’s going through the OT but there is no drop of signal, it’s either monitoring straight to the mixer or through the OT to the mixer but you always hear it…
I couldn’t imagine a better way to get things to the :elot: than that button right there, it’s perfect…


this a nice mixer for nice money

In a similar question myself also.
Have DT, DN on way.
Want mixer…
have look around lot of looking, and
was thinking this

is nice for price, and has everything wanted. and more…

I don’t have it set up the best way for multitrack, I’ve set it up for live use with the OT but it doesn’t really take advantage of the I/O available on the apogee…

I just send the main outputs into an apogee input pair and monitor from the control room outputs. When using the DAW I make sure those main outputs from the mixer don’t get routed back out anywhere, they just go in and get recorded but don’t output anywhere. This makes it so I can still plug my apogee’s main outs into a mixer channel without a feedback loop, and hence still be able to record anything coming out of it back into itself summed with everything else in the mixer. One of my auxes goes to a delay but the other one goes to a single input on the apogee, so I can still route at least a mono signal from any track through the apogee for fx… With the mains going to the DAW but monitoring from control room, I can turn the mains output to unity and get a strong signal into the apogee…

I figure if I ever want to serious multitrack I’ll come up with a much different setup. Possibly utilizing the direct outputs of the Mackie into the apogee, or maybe even plugging more stuff straight into the apogee and less into mixer, maybe not even use the mixer. I don’t know. At this point with my live setup above I still have inputs available on the apogee so sometimes I add some mutitrack along with the stereo pair…

All my recordings are live jams, I never go back and edit anything or do anything on a DAW grid. I hit record, play music, and hit stop, it’s done at that point. I approach all of this more like a band and when I hit record it’s just like there’s a little stereo capture mic over in the corner, except instead it’s a feed to an interface…

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I have the Yamaha mg12xu (xu means it has effects), I’ve had it for almost 2 years now & really like it. I use it almost daily, never had an issue with it, it’s flexible & sounds good. It’s the 1st “non-dj mixer” I’ve ever had tho, so I can’t compare it to the sound quality of other mixers, but I really like it. Totally worth it (I paid around $300 new). It’s also a 2 channel audio interface (usb)

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I’m really happy with the Soundcraft MTK 12. I have my Elektrons and some other gear connected and jam until I’m ready to record, and then multitrack everything into Ableton (pre-fader so doesn’t record levels and EQ) and either mix ITB or route everything back out to the mixer and record a live take.

Might upgrade to the MTK 22 soon for the extra channels and fx, had to get a bit creative with the routing with 12 channels:

Group 1-2 goes to SP-404 and a 4-track cassette, back to a stereo channel. Really nice as I can route all tracks there instead of the master and use the 404 for master fx / sampling and record to tape.
Send A - Zoom MS70 + other pedals, return to another stereo channel
Send B - OP-1 or Akai S700 for sampling, goes back to mono channel.
Send C - Built-in Lexicon FX are decent so use them for jamming, can’t record those so replace with ITB FX after.

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I plan on picking up one of these soon. It has a stereo FX send, and is also an audio interface.

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Got one on order.

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Yes the key largo is a good option it fits my needs especially for a setup like mine that is really compact set up

  1. digitakt
  2. ehx45000 looper
    for external effects eventide space and timefactor

Ok, I sent back the QuPac for couple reasons.
First, not enough headroom for hot input signals. Even a JX-03 with full volume could introduce cracks…
Secondly : I found I was missing a slider per track… In live situations, I need to be able to instantly identify and access a track that requires volume adjustments.
Still listing my needs, but I guess I’ll need a patch bay for my studio use…

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Thx @bradleyallen. I took the liberty to move the discussion to a more appropriate place.

Here are my studio needs
I like using both the Machinedrum and the Rytm in a track, not necessarily simultaneously.
Count 4 tracks each, 8 in total.
Polysynths : 6 tracks
Monosynths : 2 tracks
Modular : 4 tracks
OT : 4 tracks
I also have a bunch of FX I’d like to be able to put on the signal chain : Eventide Space and Analog Heat (possibly a couple more)
I will need to be able to route either track to the FX. And route anything to the OT 4 ins.

I feel like a patchbay would be a good idea. I won’t necessarily record all this simultaneously as it’s a lot to operate, but I want to be able to do so as I frequently have friends jamming.
And sometimes, I’ll switch from one synth to another, the same I can switch from a drum machine to another.

24 tracks should be sufficient, I guess. Maybe 32.
With aux sends and a couple stereo send/return.

Ideally, I would love to be able to record multitrack on a SD card or USB key, ie without necessarily needing the computer to be hooked. Such solution should be available though.
I don’t really need preamps, I won’t record voice (if I really need to, H4n preamps should be ok).
I don’t need EQ either.
I need input gain, mutes, volume sliders and individual visual feedback on input level.

I have no idea where to get some info in order to fulfill my needs, any advice or source of advices would be great !!


You probably already considered that option but: Soundcraft Signature MTK?
I went for that because, like you, I needed knobs and faders for live contexts, especially to use my Eventide Space and TimeFactor as sends (eats up two stereo tracks though).
22 tracks, though

A friend of mine has a 22MTK. So yes, I have considered it. Although it doesn’t record multitrack on SD card, it seems to be a good mixer :slight_smile:
Still, I’d love to have a mixer that doesn’t need to be plugged to the computer and configured while the juice of inspiration is hitting… I’d rather have a nice red REC button :smile: