Minilogue as external MIDI keyboard


Hey everyone, I am trying to use the Minilogue as an external keyboard for the Digitakt. I should have connectedness everything correctly. Auto channel is on 14 for both. Tried changing midi cables. DT is receiving through the setting in the menu. Midi channel is on. Tried different channels.

DT can trigger the Minilogue with no problem. I can play the Minilogue with the DT keyboard. But I can’t have the Minilogue send midi to the DT.

Any ideas?



Firstly run a program (like) MIDI-OX or any that will show you what’s actually going on with your midi channels.




should work. are you fully understanding the autochannel concept of DT?

if you hit a note on the minilogue, you have to select a track with a sample on the DT.

also you have to be on a specific note range (octave) on the minilogue keyboard, because the samples on dt dont transpose all the way, i think

have you checked all relevant menu settings in DT, for example track channels, receive notes and so on?


tnx guys,
well, i think i understand:
autohandel is set to 10. Midi Channel on Minilogue to 10 as well.
I tried it with an M-Audio keyboard, set to channel 10, worked like a charm. Minilogue won’t do it…
Strechyman: that means hooking it op to the computer right?
More ideas?


right, just did a factory reset on the minilogue, everything works!
tnx guys!