MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


Small delay. Came up with a workaround for an important problem.


MCL 2.15 is released.

I strongly recommend all MegaCommand owners to upgrade to 2.15.
If you need help compiling and flashing the firmware you can shoot me a private message.

What gear would you like to see elektron do next?

Thanks for reminding me of this ! I’m a bit too lazy to read the whole topic now, but I’ll eventually do ! To order, should I PM you ?

Machinedrum source code / dream features

Version 2.16 has been released.

This mostly fixes issues with parameter locks on the sequencer not behaving predictably across writes or kit saves.


The GridPage is getting a GUI upgrade.

4 x 8 slots visible at a time with interactive cursor.



2.16a released

Small fix addressing write-original mode. Patterns would not restore correctly in certain circumstances.


Can’t compile -dev branch ATM because of

In file included from avr/cores/megacommand/MCL/A4Track.h:6:0,
                 from avr/cores/megacommand/MCL/Grid.h:7,
                 from avr/cores/megacommand/MCL/MCL.h:19,
                 from sketch/sketch.ino:1:
avr/cores/megacommand/MCL/ExtTrack.h:5:23: fatal error: GridTrack.h: No such file or directory

Sticking with (politically not correct) master for the time being.


Thanks. I’ve checked in the missing files to dev branch.

The next release will be 2.2 .

Earlier project versions won’t be compatible with the 2.2 release.
The project file layout has been altered for more efficient access to accommodate the new GridPage in addition to other improvements.

I haven’t finalised the project schema yet, which means project compatibility in DEV branch may change from patch to patch until we reach 2.2


Hadn’t had the time to really play with it yet, but am liking new GUI layout very, very much. Kinda proves that moving to OLED was THE right choice. Thanks for Your great work.


Good news.

Finally worked out a safe way to access the second memory bank on the megacommand.
This effectively doubles the available RAM capacity. I need the additional RAM to implement some fast caching behavior where the SDCard is too slow.

Switching memory banks is tricky because you need to ensure that no other program elements try and read/write to memory when you’re in the alternate bank. You also need to make sure that all stack memory is stored in a location unaffected by the bank change otherwise your program will crash.