MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


sustainability :slight_smile:
this is the box it came in.

anyway, I don’t think my neighbors like the sin +chromatic mode


Pre-assembled MegaCommands are still available for purchase.


If you haven’t already worked it out, you can set the Polyphonic count for chromatic mode in System Settings allowing you to play chords. Also, there is a midi channel select for port 2 and you can play using an external keyboard.


To @MonCalamari and anyone that has flashed to latest firmware recently:

Just realised that #DEBUGMODE was enabled by default in the master branch. This introduces quite a bit of GUI slow down as it constantly transmits additional serial data over the USB port.

I’d recommend re-flashing to latest patch.



I just uploaded some fixes for chromatic mode.


MD Track clear routines were missing.


When poly-max > 1:
 - Track length is now changed for all polyphonic tracks
 - Clearing a track, will clear all poly tracks simultaneously.


Hi Justin

I had lot of fun checking it for first time and playing basslines :slight_smile:
Didn’t noticed…


I uploaded some more enhancements to chromatic/poly mode.

If you use an external keyboard to control the MD, when adjusting a parameter on any polyphonic track on the MD, the corresponding parameter on all poly tracks will change. For example, adjusting FILTW will change FILTW on all poly tracks simultaneously.

This works similar to Wesen’s MD note’s firmware:


Thanks, i think i would prefer to build my own :slight_smile: nice work man


Just a quick update.

I’ve written some small libraries to handle reading and writing to WAV files 8, 16, 24 bit supported, multi-channel.

I’ve also completed Wesen’s MidiSDS library, sample-dump send and receive working (open + closed loop).
Received dumps are automatically converted to WAV format.

My intention is to have a WAV designer page implemented in MCL in the next few weeks. Meaning you will be able to create custom, single cycle waveforms for the UW engine based on additive synthesis and send them immediately to the MD or attached device.


Hi, hope I’m not being a pain in the bum but I’ve been on a long hiatus from this thread. As an owner of the original minicommand, can I get a list of feature improvements minicommand to the megacommand? Also, can the new software be flashed to the old minicommand?


Main differences are:

4 x MIDI ports: 2 in and 2 out. Connect to two devices at 8x turbo simultaneously.
4 x Program ROM capacity. 256KB
128 x 32 OLED display.
24 PPM encoders.
2 x Expansion ports
Programmable using the latest Arduino IDE and standard libraries (in addition to MIDICtrl) via USB.
Through-hole DIY PCB design.

The biggest limitation with the MiniCommand is the program ROM size of 64KB.
The current MCL firmware sits around 100KB in size. Whilst it would be possible to port the code back to the MiniCommand (and run a cut down version of the MCL) I no longer have the resources to support the older device.



I have updatet to the last firmware. what a difference to the one with #DEBUGMODE enabled :wink: Now everything runs smooth again. Good work, i wish i had just 10% of your knowledge.

The WAV-thing sounds really good. Beside making your own single cycles, what about put a bunch of single cycle waves on the sd card (i.e. your favorite AKWFs) and send them to the MD?

Or is there maybe a chance to dump the RAM-Recordings as Wave-files to the SD-Card? That would mean you could export “Stems” with resampling one or more tracks to the RAM-Machine.


Hey Mon.

The plan with the WAV designer is to have 3 oscillators with a level mixer.

The oscillators will be selectable between different types:

(SINE + overtone mixer),
WAV custom
WAV file

The WAV custom will be 16 value interpolated (similar to the octatrack lfo designer).

I was thinking of this as well actually. Sadly it seems I can’t get the MD to respond to sample dump request. So if you want to transfer a sample back to the MegaCommand you’ll have to do it through the sample menu. I’ll keep hacking a way to see if I missed something.

Monomachine Love Thread

Quick update:

I’ve updated compile instructions for Windows users, if you want to try compiling and uploading firmwares.

The WavDesigner is around 80% complete. It seems that the MD is quite picky with loop points which is nuisance. For example sample size needs to be greater than 152 samples, and loop points need to be on zero crossings, as far as I can tell (otherwise it wont loop.)


Hey Justin,

Quick question - probably has been answered above but couldn’t seem to find a definitive answer…

Is the new MegaCommand board “compatible” size wise with the original MiniCommand cases?

I know there are additional midi ports and usb port on the MegaCommand but apart from that?


Yes the board dimensions are compatible.


I should clarify, the LCD (both HD44780 and OLED) and buttons, encoders + LED are not aligned with the original front panel layout, nor were intended to be.


ok right, yes this is what i wanted to know, whether it was possible to take a megacommand board and retrofit it into one of the original minicommand cases without drilling too many speed holes…

obviously the new midi ports and usb port would require new holes to be cut, but wasnt sure whether the top face holes for the encoders, buttons, screen would line up or not. so it seems not…


I’m lowering the price of the MegaCommand to $260 USD ( + postage) for the next 2 weeks.

I need to sell the remaining few units before the end of June.

Send me a PM if interested.


Is that price assembled without Case?