Mini/compact controller keyboard for MnM?

Yeah, the Qunexus is definitely tempting for the crazy amount of control it can perform. And yeah, I have some CV gear so it’d come in handy for that, for sure.

Hmm, it’s a difficult decision. I was looking at the CZ anyway because I wanted another digital synth, but I’m not sure if it offers anything soundwise over the MnM… at least in terms of what I want to do with it.

Ideally, I’d love to have a compact keyboard with MIDI out and some cheesy PCM sounds (e.g. panflute, shakuhachi, choir etc.) that I could also sequence with the MnM when I’m not using the keyboard live or to input notes. For the price of the Qunexus I could get the CZ and an MT-32 or something, haha!

Another vote for the X-Station here. It’s nearly perfect as a MNM controller.
And yes, it works with the iPad as well.

While you’re eyeing that Casio, I’d look around for something else that’s used. Cheaper and more likely to have oldschool MIDI.

I currently use an M-Audio Oxygen 8. Small, works fine and currently plentiful on eBay. :slight_smile:

i used an old roland pc-160. straight forward and 2 1/2 octaves.

roland pc-160

It does have oldschool MIDI! And it has mini keys as well. I’m ok with the bigger size since it’s a 49-key keyboard… guess I’ll see how the auction goes (not gonna pay more than $200 for it).
I basically want something that will fit somewhere on this already space-challenged desk:

Preferably where my mac keyboard is at the moment (ie. swap it for the MIDI keyboard when I’m making music).

He’s actually behind everybody’s monomachine… u just need to look in the jacks and sometimes underneath… he gets around :slight_smile:

haha no that’s Baby Green John, my childhood bear (a koala). That said though, I grew up in Perth, so maybe they’re related…?

I’ve been using a Korg microKONTROL with my MM. It’s compact, has both USB and standard MIDI I/O, optional battery power, and has a joystick and pads. I think its size, functions, and brushed aluminum face and endcaps make it a good pairing for the MM and/or MD.

Here is a shot of it with my CZ-101, for size reference (sorry for the wonky barrel distortion):

Oh cool, there’s a microkontrol on ebay now, I’ll look into it. Might be better for controlling the MnM since it has knobs/faders too. That said, I basically only want it for note input but I guess in the future I might need something for param control…

Not sure what the mK is going for these days, but I bet you could grab one and pair it with a cheap Yamaha XG sound module (like an MU unit) or something similar to add some of the cheesy sounds you were looking for. The fact that you can setup and store multiple profiles on it makes it quite versatile. You can use the faders for mixing the six tracks (mine worked for this purpose, straight away; fantastic for fading tracks out, as well as for builds), use the encoders for parameter changes, and use the joystick for modulation duties. I can almost guarantee you’ll wind up using it for more than just note input in a live setting!

Yeah, there’s one on gumtree for $150AU, which is in my price range. Funnily enough both of the ones I’ve seen for sale either have a fader or a knob missing, do they fall off easily? :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re easily removed for sure. Just a gentle tug and off they come. Mine came from a yard sale and was missing two encoder knobs and the joystick. I had compatible replacements for all three lying around so I got lucky, there. The encoder knobs seem to be a fairly common size as I tried a few from other bits of equipment and near everything fit. I’d bet the faders are also reasonably easy to swap out with others. But yeah, be on the lookout for disappearing pieces!

Yamaha made these cute little battery powered XG keyboards, CBK-something-or-other. When I was in Japan I found one in a shop and almost picked it up but I thought it was a little steep for what it was. Decided I wanted it, went back and the price was double. Also they are impossible to find in the US now - you might have better luck in your neck of the woods. Really crazy MIDI spec for what it is, but I guess that’s an XG thing.

Hmmmm, interesting. I’m going to Japan in September, I wonder if I can wait that long. I’d probably find something relevant to my needs there anyway. Was it one of the CBX-K1 or similar? They look freakin’ tiny!

In the meantime maybe I’ll just use my QY70 as a crude MIDI keyboard. Or just deal with moving the QX61 onto a stand or on my lap (hah); currently it’s on my coffee table just because it won’t fit anywhere else in my tiny apartment.

EDIT: I found one! A blue one at that, for $150 including postage from Japan. Gonna do it. Thanks guys!

I use ALESIS Q25 and am happy with my choice, as I frequently use it in live recording mode with the MnM - compact and lightweight.

CBX-K1 arrived on Monday (man, Japanese postal system is great!). 37 mini keys, perfect. Fits exactly into the area where I wanted it to go!

Interesting suggestions on here.

I currently use an Akai lpk25, that’s about as compact as you can get… but I’m not sure I’d recommend it for the MM.

Due to it’s tiny size, it does not have a dedicated midi port, only a computer usb, which means that I depend on the computer and audio interface to run it with the MM. You cannot plug it directly into the MM.

Maybe there’s a converter/adapter that will remedy this, I haven’t looked into it.

Yeah, there are converters, but it ends up being quite expensive, the converter costs more than the keyboard! In that situation it actually ends up being cheaper to get the QuNexus and the KMI MIDI expander.

Thanks for the info pselodux!

Stay away from iCon ones, specially if you want to use it live.