Midi with ableton live

Hello, I am currently using analog 4 and machine drum and ablton live, with analog4 as master, set machine drum as slave and use analog4 overbridge in ablton live.

Press analog 4 to play the machine drum simultaneously, but press Ableton Live to play both analog4 and machine drum.
It doesn’t work.

I want to play machine drum and analog4 at the same time if I have Ableton Live as the master and press Play. Please give me a tip.

Check in the midi setting in live and make sure sync is on. Then check the hardware to see if it’s sending and or receiving sync. I’d think some combination of those settings will get you to where you want to be? I use a combination of overbridge and just “Elektron midi” in lives settings to get things to work usually.

you’ll have to connect the MD from the A4’s midi thru for them both to be triggered from ableton. you have the MD set for external clock input right?

if theyre both on external mode you should be able to cue them up by pressing play, if set right they won’t start until you send clock from ableton