Midi volume control?

I can’t seem to control the volumes of my midi tracks in the Digitakt. I have tried CC7 (and engaged the value knob) and many others, but can’t do it. I have connected the midi out to midi in into a Minilogue. I understand that the Minilogue has odd CC’s, so I looked them up too.
Any ideas?

The manual says Track Level is CC 95

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I will try that thanks.

That didn’t work for some reason. I tried CC7 initially because it’s called master volume in the Digitakt.

Did you send it on the appropriate track channel?

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Yes. Other control changes work.

I’m having a similar issue with my Digitone controlling volume on my volca kick.

So you will have seen that the Minilogue does not have a CC assigned to volume. CC number 7 is the default message for volume on a synth but Korg appear to not have implemented it.

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I’m going to leave this one here because your query has been answered, but there is no need to post the same question three times in as many threads.


I am having the same issues to control my midi tracks CC Knobs from an external gear (faderfox PC4).
I am sequencing a QY70from the DT, assigned the Knob 1 to midi CC7, controlling the right channel (even receiving midi CC7 from the same channel it should send then from the DT to the QY) and I don’t understand why it can’t work…
All I want to acheive is controlling digitakt and QY70 volume control from one device… Maybe I should check also a midi merge solution or anythingg has been acheived to control Midi CC channel pots ?
Hope someone can help :wink: