MIDI tracks channel setup - screen not updating


Hello y’all Elektronauts!

I’ve recently bumped into a strange issue when setting up the (output) channels on MIDI tracks - hitting playback twice, push rotary A, expect the parameter to go black indicating it’s up for change - but nothing happens. If I push it, turn and push again, the channel updates as it should, but this whole not-updating the screen kinda scares me. The only way to fix this is to switch my OT (MK1) off and back on. This might not be a huge issue, but… Is my Octatrack dying?

Thanks for your inputs!


Does it work with Yes intead of button push?
Which OS?

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OS 1.30c

It’s the same whether using rotary or Yes… The screen just doesn’t update until I either set it up (the setting itself works, just without visual feedback) or leave the window. It’s the same for BANK and PGM parameters. Once I leave the setting screen, everything works just as usual…

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No USB, midi loopback ?
I’m on MKI, 1.30B.

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None of that. I’ve disconnected the MIDI keyboard to ensure the issue is not coming from there…

What I figured however that the issue is concerning the Project window as well - I can move with arrows but the display won’t respond. When I exit the menu and open it again, the correct item is chosen (the “cursor” is moving through the window, but display just doesn’t respond). Doesn’t happen in the Triggers window or Trigger conditions window (idk what that’s called really). But only for midi tracks. When in audio mode, the screen acts as it should.

Unfortunately I don’t have too much time to troubleshoot as there’s an ongoing jazz festival in my town… But seems I should rather open a ticket for support.

Thanks [sezare56] for your inputs (and RIO, as of Rest in Octatrack :P)


Did you run a test?
Fn+Power on > Trig 1


So, for everybody who might run into the same issue… The test did not reveal anything wrong, said my OT is in great condition and after reboot, everything works as normal. I’ve done nothing else, but my OT is now happy.

Sometimes I think it does such things just to mess me up. But I’m not giving up, ya filthy machine!

And @sezare56 thank you for your time, it’s much appreciated!