MIDI to trigger fills/resample and other controls

I’m wondering if it’s possible to control functions of the Digitakt aside from what is listed in the manual. I’d like to be able to trigger the DT to start recording or enable fills etc.

Generally speaking what is there in the midi specification is what is available.

You could bombard it with stuff and things and see what happens [*]; but if it is not listening for anything then like talking to a wall.

[*] Not really advised in case you brick it :expressionless:


as rusty stted: the midi implementation/specification lists all available commands.
feel free to file a feature request though.

OK. Thanks for the explanation.

In addition to what was said above.

There is no way to midi trigger sample recording.
Fills are done by programming midi notes externally or doing it on the sequencer itself using retrigs and conditional triggers (there are many vids / info on other threads on this forum … and there is search function too). I don’t think you can midi trigger the equivalent of holding down the page buttons to trigger fill conditional trigs

And in general I can’t remember having any synth / drum machine in the last 20+ years that has features not mentioned in the manual , unless of course the device has a firmware update and the manual is out of date , but most of the time things are in sync.
Features are usually a selling point,

And personally I use a device for what it does , I wouldn’t hold out for anything in the million threads full of feature requests. The best feature for these is the ‘mute thread’ option and get on with life.

I you want a workflow for resampling I’d go with octatrack or another box , not digitakt…the digitakt resample workflow is ‘doing it by hand’