MIDI to CV convertors

Hi friends, I already asked this question before but cannot find the topic.

What’s your favorite midi to cv convertors ?
The idea is to send cv messages from Digitone to little modular system.

I think Mutant brain is up there for sure.
The expert sleepers stuff might be worth a look too!

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My favorite sleeper in this category is the Korg SQ1. 2 channels of pitch and gate via USB. Can be found used under 100 bucks. Plus it is its own modular sequencer if you get bored of ‘normal’ control via DN.

Depends on how many voices you want/need, but I really like the mmMidi from ALM Busy Cicuits - it’s 4hp, gives you two voices with CV/Gate/Velocity along with clock/transport and is really affordable.



CV.OCD runs the same firmware as Mutant Brain but is standalone, out of rack.

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2nd Mutant Brain and mmMidi. Mutant Brains are back in stock and only 160 and are prob gonna sell out soon cause that company is going out of business.

Using Arturia’s beatstep pro as converter. Also nice to sequence modular stand alone. Separate midi channels for separate duties. 2 independend pitch, gate and level cv’s and another 8 trigger cv’s. Works steady.

CV.OCD is a good choice, can sends and converts whatever you want knowing you have 4 CV outputs and 8 trigger/gate/clock outputs. The only con for me is that an online editor is required to program it.


Ive got kenton midi to cv converter. Found it second hand at good price. Does the job. Has its own LFO too.

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Would it convert LFO signals of Digitone ?

Unfortunatly not. BS Pro converts midi velocity to CV. Can’t LFO velocity as destination in DN.

Expert Sleepers FH-2 and don’t look back. Highly configurable and highly expandable. It can also be a USB MIDI Host and/or client.

IMHO this is the premiere MIDI to CV/CV to MIDI module in euro rack.


I have recently started thinking about modular, specifically pairing a fairly small case with a Digitakt. I have a DFAM, Hades and Dysmetria. I’d like to use a DFAM Thing with with the DFAM, sequence the Hades with a Melodicer, and sequence the Dysmetria with its own sequencer. I’d like to do the bulk of the drums with Digitakt. Having never done anything Eurorack my current thought is that in addition to a simple mixer module I will need some sort of midi to CV module. Since the sequencing (besides main drums) will theoretically all be done in the rack I feel like the only thing I really need to convert from midi is the clock signal. Would it make sense to use something as simple as the Erica Black Midi-CV V2? My thinking is I could take its single clock output and use stackable cables to bring that signal to the Dysmetria, Melodicer and DFAM?

First of all, am I even conceiving of this correctly? If not can someone please point me to some decent reading material on the subject?

If I am thinking correctly will that Erica module do the job? If there’s a better module for this little job I’d love to hear about it. I’m not opposed to spending more than the Erica costs but obviously (I hope!) I’d prefer to part with as little money as possible.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Add the Digitakt MIDI sequencer into that and all current DFAM limits Are removed. I can fully recommend :+1:t2:

[EDIT] there is also a DFAM Thing euro rack module in development that might be worth considering…


It’s you that hipped me to the DFAM thing in the first place! I know you use the midi one (and I’ve been digging the results!) but I’ve been thinking I’d go the eurorack route just to see what goes on. I’m feeling very out of my element already though and am looking forward to doing lots of head scratching and asking a bunch of potentially embarrassing questions. If things go much the way I’m currently envisioning, I should come out of it with a fun little racked up synthy box of audio curiosities :0)

Sounds like a great project , would love to see/hear the end result :+1:t2: I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to get into eurocrack :wink:

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